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TIERRA Old Skool Legends at Fiesta San Antonio

On Friday, April 22nd my business partner Robert Gonzalez/CEO of Music Access, Inc. and I took to the road from Dallas to San Antonio to not just partake in the annual “Fiesta San Antonio” but to meet, one on one with leader Rudy Salas of the world-renowned Tierra. The meeting had so many meanings surrounding it, many that are in still being worked on, but rest assure experiencing Tierra live is something we truly cannot write about and make you feel what we felt.

As we arrived to stage where Tierra were set to perform thousands and I bet to guess, well over 7,500 were packed in to Market Square to see Tierra. We expected a packed audience but we were not prepared for what we experienced. For a legendary group such as Tierra that have been together for over 40+ years to continue to draw audiences such as this was in itself surreal. From Doo-Wop, R&B, Ballads, Salsa to Funk, Tierra covers it all and to see them live reminds me and those in the audience what performances should be. From well choreographed moves, musician solos, drummer and conga highlights, this was a true show. From their show intro to going into classic medleys, to dance routines, Tierra truly engages their audience!

It’s no wonder their tour calendar is packed throughout the year, with shows such as this one in San Antonio, Tierra shows no signs of ever stopping. I am excited as our talks continue and the moment something worthy of reporting back to everyone is ever confirmed we will make sure you know first. For everyone in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area reading this, Tierra will perform in the City of Desoto on Saturday, September 10, 2016. If you are interested in booking Tierra for your next major event, public or private contact me at my BRAVO! Latino office at 972-960-2525 Ext 101 or rikki@bravo-latino.com.

About Tierra!

Tierra, the band named “Best R&B Vocal Group” by four leading magazines including Billboard. They started their career in East Los Angeles with a blend of rock, pop, jazz, R&B and salsa. The result was a Latin R&B rhythm which produced classics like “Together”, “Gonna Find Her”, “Memories” and “Zoot Suit Boogie”. The band’s quarter century commitment shows a dedication that can only be understood by listening to their smooth and soulful sounds.

Tierra was the first Latino band to have four songs on the national chart and two simultaneously in the Top 100. They have performed in such prestigious shows such as Carnegie Hall, The American Music Awards, American Bandstand, and The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

Tierra is widely known to have played a role in opening doors for other Latino and non-Latino superstars of today, including comedian Paul Rodriguez, Arsenio Hall, Sheila E., Gloria Estefan, Los Lobos, Latino Comic of the Year, Rudy Moreno, and more.

Enjoy a wonderful classic medley of Tierra