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We are a Ford Familia

Hello everyone. Typically I write blogs, stories about the many clients, events I am involved in and product reviews but today, just a bit of a personal one. Ever since my wife and I had our first experience with the staff at Park Cities Ford it was a game changer. Many of you can relate with your current car dealer, hair stylist or even your favorite restaurant, it boils down to the DNA of the business, in many words, the experience. From the moment we first even considered purchasing our first Ford we were introduced to a salseman by the name of Alfonso Mendez. Apart from being a true “go getter”, he is above all one of the kindest, follow through kind of persons you will get a chance to purchase or lease a vehicle from. After meeting with Alfonso, he then introduced us the head of finance, Mr. Carlo Aguilar and as a team, my wife and I were sold.

The experience was very much a familia experience, those of us in the Latino culture are huge on this. Yes, the car we love, the price is right, yeah, yeah, we get that but the Latino purchasing experience is all about relationships, not business but personal. This is the fundamental difference between selling to us and inviting us into your home. You see, we do not differientate the two, they are the same to the vast majority of us. Treatment is key to not just the sale but the many referrals and return purchases.

Well today marks the 4th Ford vehicle that we have decided to place in our familia, each time upgrading to another. My wife loves her 2015 Ford Escape and I love my 2016 Ford Escape Titanium. We keep returning not just to get a better car but return to an amazing experience at Park Cities Ford.