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Rikki Rincon partners with Music Access, Inc to launch Music Access Latino Recording Label

(Dallas, Texas) May 23, 2016–Founder/Creative Director of Creative Juice Online and a 30+ year veteran in the music/entertainment industry, Rikki Rincon, has joined forces with Music Access, Inc. CEO/Robert Gonzalez to form and launch Music Access Latino, a recording/distribution division that will focus on today’s hottest Latino talent. Rikki Rincon is now President of this newly formed division.

Over the course of his career, Rikki worked as production management, sales and event execution for concert productions in the Texas Region including talent booking, media relations, press junkets and more. Talent and media works included but not limited to Selena, Oscar D’Leon, Brian McKnight, SWV, Havana NRG!, Grupo Niche, Tito Puente, Tito Puente Jr., Celia Cruz, Run DMC, Cypress Hill, Nia Long, Fat Joe, Notorious B.I.G., Chayanne, Luis Enrique, Stevie B., TKA and most recently The Effinays to which have signed with Music Access, Inc. From the early 1980’s Rikki worked marketing concepts/music programming and on air talent with radio properties KNON 89.3FM, 100.3 KJMZ, K-104FM, KICK 99.1FM and KHYI-Y95.


In 2007, Rikki launched his Digital Brand Management company called Creative Juice Online. Creative Juice Online focuses on the growing evolution of digital communications for companies in areas of social media platforms, amplification, integration, application creative, SEO, SEM and creative concepts.

Rikki is a contributing writer for Monster Nation Magazine, a global online magazine for Monster Products, Inc., the creators of the best headphones, speakers, audio cables and more. Monster Products, Inc. created the headphone for the now global Beats headphones. Rikki reports on entertainment from around USA and internationally to their online magazine. Rikki also is a contributing writer and at digital strategy partner with Mercado Bilingue Magazine, a Dallas based magazine both print and online.

Next, Rikki is a four way partner in  chikiPoP, a music label launched in 2015 to target the emerging youth marketplace with an emphasis on talent ages 8-15, Latino, Urban, Pop and other genres with partners at Music Access Inc, C-Factory Productions and El Creative Ad Agency.

Rikki’s goals and intentions with this new venture with Music Access Latino is to focus on raw talent, not fabricated studio talent and as stated by Rikki “Not just any talent will walk through these doors to the studio, I am only focused on discovering hot, raw talent that lives, breathes music and are perfectionists at their talent and carry a nice balance of talent and personality, from there I can help them along the way. It’s great to team up with the talent of Robert Gonzalez, CEO of Music Access, Inc., his work ethic and ability to set trends and forecast in this industry was fundamental to my decision in Music Access Latino”.

Most recently, the world discovered what was strategically worked on since 2015 and that was the acquisition signing of the Buena Vista All Stars from Havana, Cuba, former members of the world famous Buena Vista Social Club. This news was so huge Billboard requested an exclusive. From this news agencies worldwide have started rolling out story after breaking story. In 2016 the Music Access, Inc./Music Access Latino division will record the new project for the Buena Vista All Stars so the legacy will continue.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 8.19.54 PM

Setting to release on July 8, 2016 will be The Effinays project called “Yellow Blue” via Music Access, Inc. and together our team is working diligently to provide their fans and new ones something special. From Funk, Reggae, Latin Alternative, The Effinays are sounding super nice.  Contact Rikki Rincon at Music Access Latino you may reach him at r.rincon@musicaccessinc.com.

Rikki’s current professional profile includes:

  • CEO/Creative Director, Creative Juice Online
  • President, Music Access Latino, a Division of Music Access, Inc. (Label/Distribution)
  • Principal/Partner, R2 Latino Group (PR Agency)
  • Principal/Partner, chikiPoP (Music Label/Publishing)
  • Co-Founder, Social Latino USA (Professional Networking movement Dallas/Austin)


About Music Access, Inc.

Music Access Inc. is operated and owned by Robert Gonzalez, CEO and is your source for Music and Video Distribution. Some of our vendors include Universal, Sony & BMG, EMI, and E1/Koch. We offer servicing on a retail and wholesale level. On the retail side we offer mail orders, hard to find CD’s, disc restoration, and have the music you want to hear early via pre-orders. On the wholesale side we offer cd manufacturing, artist development, physical/digital distribution, and indie and national placement. Whatever you may need we have your music needs covered.


Creative Juice Online Hispanicize Experience

As I made my plans to attend the 2016 Hispanicize weeklong event, I had many goals in mind this time. To engage with many of those I have come to know for the 7 years and to see what may be missing in my portfolio. As I ascended upon Miami I noticed immediately how much had changed from the previous years, by this I mean how many more new people had registered and the large amount of digital influencers had taken over Hispanicize.

There is a major shift taking place in the industry and brand influencers, bloggers hold the key to connecting brands to consumers. Whether it is via their blogs, video channels, snap chats, live streaming on demand with apps such as #Periscope or #FacebookLive, the paradigm has shifted and majorly so. What I saw less of was print media, almost non existent, am I surprised? Not in the least.  News is now, it’s relevance is based on how quick it can arrive to it’s demo and socially shared to the masses, so this has now taken over Hispanicize.

In preparation for Hispanicize I had to take care of the performance for my client The Effinays as they were selected to perform at the Arist On The Rise Showcase and that they did! The crowd, media and sponsors absolutely loved The Effinays and quickly they were moved to the media interviews with La Musica (SBS), Hispanicize official media team were up next and photos with Mega TV “Te Para Tres” Host, Pili Montilla and Monster Products, Inc. The social media metrics for our client has skyrocketed and just one of their mobile videos on their official Facebook page as reached over 125,000 people reached and 10k views and moving up by the hour, so the value of their appearance, after driving 24 hours from Dallas to Miami and back was beyond worth the value. From press coverage to social shares, The Effinays are on their way up and fast.

On Thursday morning, I moderated an exciting panel with celebrity guest/host, Detective Gomez of Cheaters TV called “How to Catch A Cheat” and this proved to be a hit amongst those in attendance. From the early signs, how to react when you discover the news and how highly encouraging it is to do a background check on those you plan to marry were just a few of the hot topics in play during this session.

We were excited to meet up with the Monster Products team as they were one of many sponsors for this wonderful week in Miami. From showcasing their wonderful lines of headphones to waterproof floating bluetooth speakers and the launch of their new #BlastToTheFuture Boombox, which carries a huge punch, Monster Products were out to not just showcase but to fully engaged their activation with jetting the CEO/Founder, Mr. Noel Lee, the engineer and brain of his hot line of gear. As Mr. Lee made his entrance, he was accompanied by national recording artists Locos Por Juana. Together and others from the industry spoke of their history and reasons why the quality of Monster Products is their premier choice.

One of the funniest moments was finally meeting and seeing Los Pichy Boys in live action. If you are not aware of who Los Pichy Boys are then you must follow their viral videos on their official Facebook page. Los Pichy Boys are a two Cuban comedians along with their female comedienne Jennifer Mai, together this entourage have garnish hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views with their very comical videos.

Our team also had a wonderful experience with the Cricket Mobile #Cricketeo VIP party held at Haven in Miami Beach where the celebrities, media and attendees all packed in to see Santa Cecelia perform a live acoustic set. The drinks were flowing and the food was super delicious, we are most definitely returning to Haven. There is so much to write about Miami that our blog would never end as this city is the perfect destination for the Latino industry. We look forward to 2017 already.



Rikki Rincon


The Effinays retain Creative Juice Online


Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 8.02.26 AM

The Effinays

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (December 17, 2015) Dallas, Texas-Creative Juice Online, a digtial brand management agency having provided successful services for the likes of many in the entertainment industry, tech, automative, media and more announce being retained by The Effinays, a funk/rock/reggae band from Dallas, Texas that were formed in 2007 and originally performed as an instrumental unit throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

In 2011, the band revamped the entire line up, except for one of the founding members and morphed in to the comedic, old school funk, classic rock, reggae with flashes of Latin grooves band that one could clearly sense that they enjoy what they do.The band has performed alongside Grammy Award winning artist such as Snoop Dogg (Lion), Grupo Fantasma and Ozomatli . Each member of The Effinays hails from different musical upbringings that they blend together effortlessly as one unit. Performing all over the state of Texas and often touring in the USA, The Effinays will now have Creative Juice Online handling 100% of their digital brand management, including social streams, amplification, media works and on demand digital press.

Rikki Rincon, CEO/Creative Director for Creative Juice Online states it very simply, “The Effinays are more than a group of very talented musicans, each member of the band have their own character, identity and together they are a fun group to hang out with, they understand there is more to showbusiness than performing, they actually love meeting their fans and that drew my attention to want to work with them”. Contact Creative Juice Online at 214-549-1201 or rikkirincon@creativejuice.mobi.  The Effinays are working on their new recording project titled “Yellow and Blue Album” due out in 2016. To view live shows and more visit them at www.theeffinays.com.

The lineup consists of:

• Jeremy “Pan Blanco” Piering – Bass (founder)
• Joe “Big Spook” Martinez – Lead Vocals
• Valenti “Funk” Thomas – Drums/Keys/Vocals
• Alex “Cave Man” Rivera De Jesús – Guitars
• Jimmy “Bang Bang” Gutierrez – Percussion


“With the current state of the local music scene on a slow incline, it is often hard to find traction on such unsure ground. It is also hard to make a name for yourself in a over-saturated market. But, Dallas up and comers, The Effinays, are doing just that.” – The Urban Advocate

“Doused in funk and served hot with a side of reggae, The Effinays host “Funk Mondays” at Sundown at Granada each week, washing away your workweek blues with the six-piece band’s unique blend of jammy reggae and hip-hop-infused funk.” – Dallas Observer 

“That Latin flare fits in somewhere with their funky brand of dance hall-style reggae, complete with a brass section.“ – White Rock Lake Weekly

“Ya’ll made my day!” – George Clinton


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