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Let’s build your Creative Phone App!

Just announced! We at Creative Juice Online have progressed to add a Creative Phone App team to our many services offered for businesses, whether small to corporate, we have a plan for you.

In today’s technology content and access is moving at a rapid pace, so rapid that we are forced to keep up with the latest software updates, changes to appearance and functionality and that’s where our team comes in. Whether you are in tech, entertainment, law, education, fashion, media, having a phone app in both IOS and Android platforms is more of a dire necessity than is having a website.

Smart phone apps allow the consumer, your customer to engage on demand mobile globally and not depend on the slower process of visiting your website and searching for the very thing they are searching for. According to the latest Smartphone App news regarding app usage vs. plain mobile web usage the leaders have spoken, “Apps will account for 86% of adults’ nonvoice smartphone time this year, with the mobile web accounting for just 14%. eMarketer forecasting director Monica Peart. clearly states, “Mobile apps are easily accessible and can be launched faster than the mobile web.” “Apps also provide an immersive experience with a greater degree of functionality, integrating with the device’s other apps and capabilities such as GPS, the camera and even the contact list. These elements keep users more engaged in each session, something that a mobile website cannot rival.”

“App time swells to 86% of smartphone time”

We are building apps for various industries and our team of engineers remain on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s technology, not just today’s. To learn more about your very own Creative Phone App, contact us today at 214-549-1201 or rikkirincon@creativejuice.mobi so we may set up a consultation with our team.




Rikki Rincon

Havana NRG! 24K Magic (Merengue Power Version) Friday, June 23rd!

June 20, 2017

(Dallas, Texas) The very hot Havana NRG! having just released their Merengue rework of Jennifer Lopez’s “I Ain’t Your Momma” on 6/9/17 worldwide are set to release another hot reworked power Merengue single originally brought you by Bruno Mars “24K Magic”! For those that have been seeing the group live have already experience the fire brought to this reworked production and the crowds are going wild!

The new 24K Magic Power Merengue rework project releases worldwide on Friday, June 23rd, 2017 everywhere digital music is sold! From Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Music Access, Inc. We recently received some great news that the “I Ain’t Your Momma” single was added to full rotation to DFW’s Ritmo 99.5FM and online radio station and The Surge DFW. This next single is to be added soon! All radio station programmers, mix show DJ’s contact us today at r.rincon@musicaccessinc.com to get your copy. All media for interviews and coverage of Havana NRG! and hot new single call 214-549-1201.

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In my many years of working FM radio in the Dallas/Ft Worth market during the late 80’s and into the 90’s I often heard the buzz of up and coming DJ/Mixers that set themselves apart from their colleagues. Not just in the talent area, these two were great yes, but seeing the vision of Jesusito/Jesus Is A DJ back in those early days, I knew something much larger would manifest. Most see “talent” as that special element to soley blend music and connect with their intended target market, but ahhhh, it’s much more than that when you are a visionary, a much deep rooted talent from the soul.

Having said this, it’s time you get to know this team. Jesusito/Jesus Is A DJ & Jammin Joe had a great run on SiriusXM 152 on En Vivo. Rumors are that En Vivo will be going in a different programming direction which may or may not include the guys mix show. At the moment you can still catch best of replays and who knows they may stick around for the change if it makes sense. However as many say “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”


These two guys have always been known for making moves and plenty of noise from Dallas Fort Worth broadcasting to the world with their mix shows heard in Peru, satellite, and FM radio stations. So, with only minutes from confirming the En Vivo rumors Jammin Joe posted and tagged Jesusito on Wednesday, “Well after a 3 years I’ll be moving on from En Vivo Radio and Sirius XM. It’s been fun and very cool to be heard coast to coast. I would like to say thank you to Jesus Isadj Jesusitoradio and the entire En Vivo family for allowing me to be apart. The new year will bring new opportunity. One door closes, but yet just like always… another one opens. Just like the infomercials say… Wait, There’s More!!! #StayTuned #GameChangerComing” The rumors and speculations began to fly around town and social media. The guys were already thinking about the future and just by coincidence were ready to begin on their next project but due to the change it kick started a little faster.


In today’s uber speed of information we are not just wanting it now we need it and what better way to have have the very best in programming music to the masses, not solely one, than to have FUSION become a hot format, available FREE from your mobile device, car and anywhere live from the web/app! Yes, imagine, no paid subscriptions which translates into way more listeners on a global platform.

If you you’ve followed Jesusito/Jesus Is A DJ on social media you would know that since leaving his long run in Dallas radio he’s been behind the scenes consulting radio stations around the world for his Full-time employer MusicMaster Scheduling. If you ever wondered why you don’t see him in the club scene as often as 7 days a week like he did in his past radio life is because his “for fun gig” these days is as Vice President of Programming for Dash Radio based in Los Angeles from his office in his hometown of Dallas.

Coincidence? Well, actually yes. What you are hearing about today did happen this way about the rumors of En Vivo and how Jesusito and team had been working on a station for the last few years perfecting it and waiting for the right platform to partner and FUSION is the right one. What is FUSION? A Fusion of all of today’s hits from English, Latin, Country, Urban, and more! They do not play everything, just the good stuff!

FUSION is owned, operated, and programmed by Jesusito/Jesus Is A DJ with a close influence of none other than Jammin Joe as well as other industry colleagues that will have to remain nameless due to conflict of interest. So to not throw everyone off track Jesusito and Jammin Joe are sticking together and have built and amazing station that takes what they were doing for 3 hours a week on their mix show to a full 24/7 channel!


FUSION launched on the Dash Radio platform on Thursday night, 12/8/16 and will play non-stop music through the holidays. Regarding the mix show you have come to know and support we will be back on FUSION with a non-stop mix, Saturday, December 31st, 2016 to bring in 2017! Remember, this platform is absolutely free! Just download the Dash Radio app to your phone, car or visit the site at http://www.dashradio.com.

They will be introducing some on air talent for the channel in the first week of 2017. Jesus is currently scouting for mix show dj’s from every major market around the world to broadcast from their local venues, so contact Jesus for your chance to shine. If you still need your Jesusito/Jesus Is A DJ and Jammin Joe fix visit http://www.JesusitoRadio.com or http://www.jesusIsADJ.com where you can find all of their shows as well as mixers from their entire career dating back to the 1990’s! Yep that’s right!

Listen to FUSION on http://www.DashRadio.com along wtih about 70 other channels that Jesus oversees. Download the app for Android, Apple, Amazon, Mirror Link in your car and other areas. See links below and we will connect with you on FUSION!

Android link:
Apple Link:
Available on for your cars Mirror Link dash board in Vehicles like VW, Kia, Buick, Chevrolet, Honda, Mercedes, Hyundai, Smart, & more:

Rikki Rincón

Ready for a Monster Christmas?

For some time now we have been reviewing product from various companies, whether it be a test drive in a car, sampling food/beverages to technology gear and we truly love what we do as you can imagine! Well this week we were surprised to hear that knock from the delivery driver and said sir you have a package. We love those words.

This wasn’t the typical small box this was a bit larger and we saw Monster Products on the box and anxiety was slowly growing in anticipation. What we unpacked was something we had been waiting on for sometime and that is the SuperStar Monster Blaster BoomBox that has been all the buzz at the last SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas during the Monster Products showcase. Talk about bringing back the Old Skool flava, this reminds me of my original boombox we used to carry on the streets to all the breakdance gatherings while growing up in Dallas, Texas.

The SuperStar Monster Blaster is packed with a huge punch, from low end to the crispy highs that you need to have whether you are a fan of Hip Hop, EDM, Latino, Old Skool or Rock, this is not just for the streets but this gets any party going! Being a DJ all my life I am very critical to low end frequencies that do not distort and this one does not disappoint. The best part is yet to come as this is bluetooth, yes we said it, it pairs to your mobile device in a matter of seconds and remains in tact from a great distance. From my favorite songs, dj mixes to kicking into Spotify mode via mobile device, this SuperStar Monster Blaster is not just a want, this is a must have gift for yourself. Sometimes it’s okay to gift yourself and this is THE gift that keeps on giving, from one party to the next, go buy yours today.

Well as we kept unpacking we had two amazing surprise bluetooth headphones we needed to try on and connect to give them a listen. These are two super slick headphones brought to you by the creator mindset of Monster Products, no other than Noel Lee and let me tell you this, we had the most difficult time deciding which one to try first! We are major fans of the television show #Empire and we have seen these bad boys called the Monster Elements on the show and in our favorite rosegold to top things off, so off we went. Once again, without fail the pairing of these bluetooth headphones to our mobile devices moved very rapidly and once we turn on the music it was complete and total bliss. We are not sure what we loved the most, the appearance, the style and hardware or the sound, like super impressive. I have worn many brands of headphones in my life, whether it be as a DJ, in the recording studio at Music Access, Inc. or just personal enjoyment but the sound coming out of these is pure coolness. #BeInYourElement.

Ahhhh but it didn’t end there! We were super excited to also receive the in demand bluetooth headsets endorsing none other than the #1 soccer player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo and they are called the Monster RocSport #LiveLifeLound Black Platinum version and the sound out of these are equal to the Monster Elements we spoke about above and the design is super cool, you almost want to wear these out in the night with your sporty gear groovin’ to your hottest music!

We first saw these the moment Monster Products endorsed Cristiano Ronaldo and the product sold faster than one can imagine so now we are enjoying our favorite musica today and you should too! Now you can see why we had such a difficult time deciding which one we like the most. The time is now, do not wait for Christmas, visit http://www.monsterproducts.com and gift yourself a pair.



Rikki Rincon


Monster Products SUPERSTAR HOTSHOT Bluetooth Speaker Review

I just got a hold of this tiny, fits in the palm of my hand, bluetooth speaker from Monster Products and can I say wow? Well, the creative mindset of Monster Products, Inc., Mr. Noel Lee has done it once again, but am I surprised? Not one bit. Mr. Lee continues to disrupt the electronics/tech industry always remaining many steps ahead. That should be expected when A) He’s the engineer and creator of all things Monster Products, Inc., yes including those “earlier” versions of Beats by Dre, not the current ones you have.


We unpackaged this tiny stocking stuffer and paired it up with our mobile device and that took seconds and boom this little Superstar HOTSHOT began putting out just the right enough kick and full sound for our office area and check this out, you can select to hang it on a lamp, hook or drop from a string like an ornament or wear it on your belt or backpack, this Superstar HOTSHOT is super perfect to enjoy your full sound audio, the way it was meant to sound.

Do you know the full Monster Products, Inc. story? Ahhh, but you should know it. Click here and read today and start spreading the news… Oh I couldn’t end this without telling you how inexpensive the Superstar  HOTSHOT is, drum roll please…. only $49.95! Go here to buy yours today and other product from Monster Products, Inc.



         Rikki Rincon


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