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Let’s build your Creative Phone App!

Just announced! We at Creative Juice Online have progressed to add a Creative Phone App team to our many services offered for businesses, whether small to corporate, we have a plan for you.

In today’s technology content and access is moving at a rapid pace, so rapid that we are forced to keep up with the latest software updates, changes to appearance and functionality and that’s where our team comes in. Whether you are in tech, entertainment, law, education, fashion, media, having a phone app in both IOS and Android platforms is more of a dire necessity than is having a website.

Smart phone apps allow the consumer, your customer to engage on demand mobile globally and not depend on the slower process of visiting your website and searching for the very thing they are searching for. According to the latest Smartphone App news regarding app usage vs. plain mobile web usage the leaders have spoken, “Apps will account for 86% of adults’ nonvoice smartphone time this year, with the mobile web accounting for just 14%. eMarketer forecasting director Monica Peart. clearly states, “Mobile apps are easily accessible and can be launched faster than the mobile web.” “Apps also provide an immersive experience with a greater degree of functionality, integrating with the device’s other apps and capabilities such as GPS, the camera and even the contact list. These elements keep users more engaged in each session, something that a mobile website cannot rival.”

“App time swells to 86% of smartphone time”

We are building apps for various industries and our team of engineers remain on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s technology, not just today’s. To learn more about your very own Creative Phone App, contact us today at 214-549-1201 or rikkirincon@creativejuice.mobi so we may set up a consultation with our team.




Rikki Rincon

Creative Juice Online salutes 10 Shades of Success!

On Thursday, May 28th Creative Juice Online sponsored the 2nd Annual 10 Shades of Success honoring 10 successful women in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex.  Produced by Karen Michelle of Front House Management and co-produced by Meko Krout King, the 10 Shades of Success was just that, a success. Celebrating women, their careers, their community service and the many differences they make for others, living selflessly as they change the world. A great performance by Smooth Condition, fashion presentation, silent auction and finally the presentation of the 10 Shades of Success Women, congratulations to all of them.  We look forward to 2016!