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Creative Juice Online selected to work Digital Latino initiative for Visit Dallas Blog

We at Creative Juice Online have been selected to work the Digital Blog for Visit Dallas for the Latino sector of our great city. For the past 12 years we have worked with Visit Dallas under our partnership with the R2 Group but this new announcement is a direct digital connect with Creative Juice Online to handle the Visit Dallas Blog monthly in relationship with the Latino community of Dallas on their official www.visitdallas.com.


From where to go, upcoming events, concerts and tips on how to make Dallas your destination is fundamental to our goal here at Creative Juice Online. Dallas is growing faster than we can keep up with, from new restaurants, lounges, boutique hotels, coffee shops, international food selections, parks and entertainment districts so we are now joining part of a collective group of agencies and with the leadership of Visit Dallas our goal is to bring you as much information as possible of hidden spots, recommendations and how you can engage with us. Make sure to visit www.visitdallas.com  and to keep up with our blog movement along with every other blog that fills your life with information about Dallas!

About Creative Juice Online:

Creative Juice Online is a digital brand management agency providing social media progressive strategies to your brand, message or identity. Executing online amplification, marketing, branding, media relations and digital consumer outreach via creative tactics, metric engagement and high traffic visibility 7 days a week. Maximizing the reach, effectiveness of every campaign while maintaining “top of mind” to your target demo.


Rikki Rincon, Digital Strategist


Ready for a Monster Christmas?

For some time now we have been reviewing product from various companies, whether it be a test drive in a car, sampling food/beverages to technology gear and we truly love what we do as you can imagine! Well this week we were surprised to hear that knock from the delivery driver and said sir you have a package. We love those words.

This wasn’t the typical small box this was a bit larger and we saw Monster Products on the box and anxiety was slowly growing in anticipation. What we unpacked was something we had been waiting on for sometime and that is the SuperStar Monster Blaster BoomBox that has been all the buzz at the last SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas during the Monster Products showcase. Talk about bringing back the Old Skool flava, this reminds me of my original boombox we used to carry on the streets to all the breakdance gatherings while growing up in Dallas, Texas.

The SuperStar Monster Blaster is packed with a huge punch, from low end to the crispy highs that you need to have whether you are a fan of Hip Hop, EDM, Latino, Old Skool or Rock, this is not just for the streets but this gets any party going! Being a DJ all my life I am very critical to low end frequencies that do not distort and this one does not disappoint. The best part is yet to come as this is bluetooth, yes we said it, it pairs to your mobile device in a matter of seconds and remains in tact from a great distance. From my favorite songs, dj mixes to kicking into Spotify mode via mobile device, this SuperStar Monster Blaster is not just a want, this is a must have gift for yourself. Sometimes it’s okay to gift yourself and this is THE gift that keeps on giving, from one party to the next, go buy yours today.

Well as we kept unpacking we had two amazing surprise bluetooth headphones we needed to try on and connect to give them a listen. These are two super slick headphones brought to you by the creator mindset of Monster Products, no other than Noel Lee and let me tell you this, we had the most difficult time deciding which one to try first! We are major fans of the television show #Empire and we have seen these bad boys called the Monster Elements on the show and in our favorite rosegold to top things off, so off we went. Once again, without fail the pairing of these bluetooth headphones to our mobile devices moved very rapidly and once we turn on the music it was complete and total bliss. We are not sure what we loved the most, the appearance, the style and hardware or the sound, like super impressive. I have worn many brands of headphones in my life, whether it be as a DJ, in the recording studio at Music Access, Inc. or just personal enjoyment but the sound coming out of these is pure coolness. #BeInYourElement.

Ahhhh but it didn’t end there! We were super excited to also receive the in demand bluetooth headsets endorsing none other than the #1 soccer player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo and they are called the Monster RocSport #LiveLifeLound Black Platinum version and the sound out of these are equal to the Monster Elements we spoke about above and the design is super cool, you almost want to wear these out in the night with your sporty gear groovin’ to your hottest music!

We first saw these the moment Monster Products endorsed Cristiano Ronaldo and the product sold faster than one can imagine so now we are enjoying our favorite musica today and you should too! Now you can see why we had such a difficult time deciding which one we like the most. The time is now, do not wait for Christmas, visit http://www.monsterproducts.com and gift yourself a pair.



Rikki Rincon


chikiPoP Launches this weekend with open call auditions!


chikiPoP Launches this weekend with open call auditions searching future young Latino bilingual singing and rapping stars for recording projects

(Dallas, Texas) After many months planning for it’s debut, the future of young Latino/Bilingual stars is soon to arrive as the newly formed recording label/brand called chikiPoP is here! With a team consisting of music distribution veteran Robert Gonzalez (Music Access, Inc.), Rikki Rincón (Creative Juice Online), Christian Chavarria (C-Factory Productions) and Michael Gonzalez (CEO/Creative Director, El Creative Agency), the four have set their sites on launching a first of it’s kind record label and global brand with it’s primary focus on the emerging young Latino market, ages 8-12.

The official open audition will take place this Saturday, November 7, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at the Music Access, Inc. offices located at 3816 San Jacinto Dallas, Texas 75204. A parent should accompany children or legal guardian and all auditioning will be required to sing or rap live at the offices. All talent selected for call back will be required to return the following day, Sunday, November 8, 2015 for a final audition. All media interested in covering either the open audition pre or post coverage and future interviews please contact Creative Juice Online, c/o Rikki Rincon at 214-549-1201 or rikkirincon@creativejuice.mobi. Follow us on facebook, twitter and instragram visit us at www.chikipop.com to subscribe today!


Creative Juice Online invites you to the MBA World Tour Dallas!

Each year the QS MBA World Tour stops through Texas and on October 15, 2015 it lands at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel from 4pm-9pm and we at Creative Juice Online are super excited to send you there with a free registration! This is for a limited time until list fills up, so if you are in search of more information to obain your MBA and want to meet many representatives from the areas best universities then REGISTER HERE!

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 7.07.46 AM

Voto Latino Power Summit Pop-Up in Dallas a Success!

To say it was a complete honor for Creative Juice Online to be one of several community partners for the Voto Latino Power Summit Pop-Up in Dallas titled “Hot Topics 2016-What Matters to Millennials” would be true but in all honesty, it was much more than that to us. All business aside, we feel that we have an obligation to our Latino community, both physically and digitally where in relates to activism, topics and getting the word out about the “hot topics” and the urgency to not only register to vote but to actually vote.

#VLPowerSummit in Dallas was held at the Latino Cultural Center, the perfect venue for this platform. Moderated by TV/Radio personality/fashion blogger, Ana Cruz, the list of panelists comprise by Cesar Vargas, J.D., Co-Director of Dream Action Coalition, Rebecca Acuna, Executive Director of Latino Center for Leadership Development, Sara Martinez, Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5, Place 1 and Aaron Cohen, DemocracyWin.org. Together this power lineup of panelists offered their experience to the audience via a question and answer format as host/moderator Ana Cruz delivered a wonderful exchange for all to experience. After the moderator/panelist exchange wrapped up topics and questions were opened to the audience as many participated touching on hot topics that are facing our community, from immigration, women’s rights, education, health and how to get involved in changing our future. At the end of the panel discussions we all had the opportunity to go one on one with each panelist and meet audience members to continue the conversation.

The Voto Latino Power Summit continues on nationally and we look forward to once again being part of the movement that is truly informing, educating and most of all, engaging our Latino community in much needed discussion. You may learn more by visiting www.vlpowersummit.com and www.votolatino.com today.

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