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Rikki Rincon interviews for “We From Dallas” Hip Hop Film Documentary

A team in Dallas, Texas including Joel Salazar, Teddy Cool and others that have spent many years doing research about the real story behind Hip Hop in Dallas and I give them much respect and support for doing it right. They have been doing this by asking industry insiders from all spectrums of the history in Dallas, not just one sided but well balanced. I, my brother and others have been doing this for more than 30+ years and have very deep rooted history in the music scene that goes way beyond what most know. I give mad respect to those that came before me and those I have learned from and worked with, from USHY, my brother Stevie Rincon (aka Stevie D), Joe Lopez, Snake, Big Al (RIP), Shawn “Casanova Roc” and way too many others. Not a day or night goes by that I forget my roots, my leadership, for those hold the key to keeping you balanced today. Dallas always has had this movement from Funk, Go Go to Hip Hop and the richness and diversity in this city will be well presented in this Film Documentary “We From Dallas”. Google it and see the love already coming from Dallas Morning News, Dallas Observer and others.  Also, click here to see trailer. This is just a preview of what’s to come. Peace and as I said in the interview “I am Hip Hop”.