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Raquel Gonzalez joins Creative Juice Online

Just in! Creative Juice Online is excited to announce we have added Raquel Gonzalez to our digital creative team. Raquel will work with our digital branding, social media areas and bring a sharp millennial perspective to our team. Raquel has worked with our team on other projects including Monster Products and Visit Dallas online content.

A multimedia producer, writer, photographer and marketer born and raised in Chicago, IL. However, her career in the media industry started while she was attending college at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism, she took her education and experience to a top five U.S. media market in Dallas, TX. There she became a news and segment producer where she created and packaged stories for the station, showcased the community and businesses around the area, and was always marketing and growing reputations and images as she had to reach the masses. She branded her raw compassion for covering the good, the bad, and the ugly, but always with an open mind to make the story better. Now that she lives in Miami, FL, her mission is to continue telling your story and bringing your brand to life.

After years in the industry, she became frustrated with news stations and media companies telling her what stories to cover and how to report them. She was never allowed to fully express herself or really tell it like it is. There were times she felt like she had a captivating story to tell or photo to share only to be shot down moments later. Other times, she knew of a rising business with a great product or service, only to be told they won’t make it and close. They ended up expanding and blowing up and of course the station lost the coverage and the story. Rock Media House, LLC wants to share the stories the big guys don’t care about. Whether that’s through social media, photography, writing or being the face or the voice, Raquel is here to tell YOUR story. We at Creative Juice Online are very proud to have Raquel Gonzalez on our digital team. She “get’s it”.


Rikki Rincon

BellaGeneration Hair System added to Vanessa and Angela Simmons, The Simmons Sisters Celebrity Gift!

BellaGeneration Hair System, a Dallas, Texas based company, whom recently launched were selected and invited to have their wonderful new product added to a major celebrity gift for Fashion entrepreneurs and reality TV stars Angela and Vanessa Simmons of “Runs House” and “Growing Up Hip Hop” at the Art For Life event in Philadelphia this weekend.

Angela and Vanessa Simmons are the daughters of Joseph Simmons, known as “Rev Run” of the legendary New York 80’s hip hop group “Run DMC.” The girls are also the nieces of hip hop impresario Russel Simmons who co-founded the label “Def Jam” and created the urban fashion clothing line “Phat Farm.”

In the spring of 2007, the girls debuted their shoe line “Pastry Shoes” and soon after launched their clothing line. Today “Pastry,” a feminine but sporty line, is a global brand of footwear, clothes and accessories. The line is a favorite of many celebrities including R&B singer Keri Hilson and rapper Trina.

BellaGeneration Hair System comes available in four different levels, 1-4, having a solution for all hair types, in one brand. The unscented version is available on their online store and in the future, more scents will be unveiled. BellaGeneration Hair System is led by CEO/Founder, Miriam Marsh Sifuentes and VP|Partner, Rikki Rincon (Digital/Communications/Entertainment). Visit www.bellagenerationhairsystem.com today to learn more and purchase your level.  A M Power Holdings company.


About BellaGeneration Hair System:

BellaGeneration Hair System, CEO|Miriam Marsh Sifuentes created an original formula that consists of a 2 in 1, natural, chemical free, polyethnic and cruelty free hair care company with a mission to unlock nature’s potential to deliver solutions that improve the quality of hair. BellaGeneration Hair System is a non animal tested, cruelty free, chemical free product that has a solution for all hair types. BellaGeneration Hair System has four levels for all types of hair from straight hair, wavy, curly to kinky.  #whatsyourlevel #generationB.

Brotherhood 4 Good Fundraiser takes place Thursday May 17th benefiting the Ron Springs Gift For Life Foundation and the Brighter Generation Foundation

On May 17, 2018 at 6:00 pm at Verona Villa (6591 Dallas Parkway Frisco, TX) Dallas Cowboys and Ohio State Buckeyes will gather to honor Ron Springs and Terry Glenn. The Brotherhood 4 Good will feature:

*Dinner & Cocktails

*Silent Auction

*NFL Guests Appearances

*NFL panel featuring Buckeye greats turned Dallas Cowboys superstars, and NFL stars

*Private reception prior to the event start for sponsors featuring current Dallas Cowboys, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Dallas Cowboys Legends. Each sponsor table will have players dining with them.

*Live Entertainment by the Curt Jones Southwest Band! Curt Jones Band, formerly of 80s Funk bands, Slave, Aurra & Deja. Providing R&B, Soul, Funk & Blues music..Grown Folks Jam! Sponsored by BellaGeneration Hair System.


Purchase your tickets and tables here. All proceeds go to The Ron Springs Gift  for Life Foundation and Brighter Generation Foundation. For sponsorship information please contact Ayra Springs-Foster (972) 922-6086 or Miriam Marsh Sifuentes (214) 477-4813.



About the Ron Springs Gift For Life Foundation:

The mission of the Ron Springs Gift for Life Foundation is to promote awareness, early detection, prevention of kidney disease, and other contributory diseases and complications directly related to these life-threatening conditions; and to provide access to donor-oriented services and education in underserved communities across the United States. The Ron Springs Gift For Life Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3).

About the Brighter Generation Foundation:

Brighter Generation Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization established for the purpose of empowering and equipping homeless and/or homeless and/or foster youth to become the leaders of their generation.

Brighter Generation Foundation focuses on developing youth intellectually, emotionally, academically, and spiritually. Through the benefit of new relationships and character building projects, the youth of Brighter Generation Foundation will learn important moral and leadership qualities that will help them thrive in a positive environment. Brighter Generation Foundation projects are designed to meet the needs of homeless and/or foster children who are at risk and lack healthy support systems, guidance, and encouragement. Brighter Generation Foundation will also provide scholarship opportunities for the youth aging out, in addition to giving the youth the opportunity to participate in international and national mission trips.



Rikki Rincon

William Vivanco de La Habana, Cuba lanzará su nuevo secillo con Music Access, Inc.

Comunicado Inmediato a la Prensa
10 de agosto de 2017
Contacto: Rikki Rincon
(Dallas, Texas) El súper talentoso músico cubano William Vivanco de la Habana, Cuba lanzará su anticipado y esperado sencillo titulado “Bailarina” como estreno mundial a travéz de la compañía Music Access y de su división Music Access Latino en Dallas el próximo viernes 11 de agosto de 2017. El nuevo sencilo estará disponible digitalmente en todas las tiendas tales como Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play entre otras más.
William Vivanco, nacido el 6 de octubre de 1975 en Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, es un compositor y músico cubano. Vivanco aprendió a tocar la guitarra frecuentando la Casa de la Trova en la calle Heredia de Santiago, “robando acordes”. Improvisaba en las calles y también actúo en un coro profesional con niños. Entrenó su voz, aprendiendo las técnicas que le permitirían desarrollar su estilo vocal percusivo y distintivo. También participó en Romerías de Un Día y en el Festival de Cantantes de las Américas en Guantánamo.

Vivanco llegó por primera vez a La Habana cuando tenía 23 años. El sello Bis Music de Santa Clara lo descubrió y le ofreció la posibilidad de hacer su primer disco en solitario en el 2002 llamado “Lo Tengo To ‘Pensa’o”, una mezcla de música brasileña, pop y reggae. Su canción y el videoclip acompañante de “Cimarrón” se hicieron populares. “Cimarrón” se refiere a los esclavos africanos que huyeron de sus amos españoles. En 2006, Vivanco grabó su segundo disco en solitario, “La Isla Milagrosa”, producido por Descemer Bueno y Roberto Carcassés. En los últimos tiempos, Vivanco ha empezado a distanciarse de sus melodías más funkier, poppier en favor de la música que es más “Santiaguera” (de Santiago), más cubana, más rítmica – más tradicional. Vivanco ha actuado también en Francia. En el 2003 se presentó en el festival Les Transmusicales de Rennes y en el 2004 en el Festival Paleo de Nyon en la noche cubana de Les Nuits de Fourvière de Lyon y en agosto de 2005 tocó en el festival de Les Nuits du Sud. (Fuente: Wikipedia).

Rikki Rincón, Presidente de Music Access Latino, una división de Music Access, Inc. declaró: “Después de varias conversaciones con William Vivanco desde el 2016 y de ser presentado a través de un colega de la industria, siempre fue una idea maravillosa el poder trabajar con él y finalmente llegó a Music Access, Inc. Estamos muy emocionados por la oportunidad de trabajar con el muy talentoso cantante, compositor y productor William Vivanco. Después de ver su trabajo con algunos de los mejores talentos de Cuba durante la última década y luego de conocerlo como persona, estamos más que convencidos de que más allá de su talento es una persona realista, con la que esperamos crecer “.

William Vivanco lo dice claramente acerca de su nuevo single Bailarina inspirada en el poema de José Martí”: “La bailarina española, mezclada con música árabe, española, celta kizomba y reggaetón”. “La canción Bailarina se inspiró en el poema de José Martí: La Bailarina Española, música mezclada con sonidos de kizomba árabe, español, celta y un poco de reggaetón”.

William Vivanco se une al productor José Ángel, en el violin William Roblejo, Reiner Mariño en la guitarra flamenca, y la mezcla y materización a cargo de Luis Durán. Crédito de la foto a Cinthia Bapa. El nuevo single saldrá a la venta el viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017, en el mercado digital a través de Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Tidal, Music Access, Inc. y otros. Para las relaciones con los medios de comunicación y las entrevistas, póngase en contacto con Rikki Rincon al r.rincon@musicaccessinc.com o al número de teléfono 972-686-7700 ext 14.

Cobertura de la prensa mundial:


Let’s build your Creative Phone App!

Just announced! We at Creative Juice Online have progressed to add a Creative Phone App team to our many services offered for businesses, whether small to corporate, we have a plan for you.

In today’s technology content and access is moving at a rapid pace, so rapid that we are forced to keep up with the latest software updates, changes to appearance and functionality and that’s where our team comes in. Whether you are in tech, entertainment, law, education, fashion, media, having a phone app in both IOS and Android platforms is more of a dire necessity than is having a website.

Smart phone apps allow the consumer, your customer to engage on demand mobile globally and not depend on the slower process of visiting your website and searching for the very thing they are searching for. According to the latest Smartphone App news regarding app usage vs. plain mobile web usage the leaders have spoken, “Apps will account for 86% of adults’ nonvoice smartphone time this year, with the mobile web accounting for just 14%. eMarketer forecasting director Monica Peart. clearly states, “Mobile apps are easily accessible and can be launched faster than the mobile web.” “Apps also provide an immersive experience with a greater degree of functionality, integrating with the device’s other apps and capabilities such as GPS, the camera and even the contact list. These elements keep users more engaged in each session, something that a mobile website cannot rival.”

“App time swells to 86% of smartphone time”

We are building apps for various industries and our team of engineers remain on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s technology, not just today’s. To learn more about your very own Creative Phone App, contact us today at 214-549-1201 or rikkirincon@creativejuice.mobi so we may set up a consultation with our team.




Rikki Rincon

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