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Book Havana NRG!–Hottest Salsa Showband in Southwest today!

Hello event planners, concert promoters and everyone else looking to have one of the hottest and in-demand orchestras in the industry!  For over 14 years we have been booking HAVANA NRG! coast to coast for concert tours, weddings, private affairs, fashion shows and so much more and we are already booking up 2014 pretty fast.  From LA, Miami, NYC, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Seattle and so many other markets, HAVANA NRG! is the band to get now.  Yes, this is the band that has kept Gloria’s in Addison packed for over a decade and winners of countless of awards, nominations and more! Call Rikki Rincon today at 214-549-1201 or email your inquiry to rikki@creativejuice.mobi will all details and we will respond immediately.  



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