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Acclaimed Cuban Singer/Songwriter Danay Suárez Receives FOUR Latin Grammy Nominations Including Top-Fields Album of the Year & Best New Artist

We at Creative Juice Online are so excited for the raw Cuban talent Danay Suarez for these major nominations for the 2017 Latin Grammys! We have seen her live and were completely mesmerized by her performance and have interviewed her and gotten to know her and her deep rooted spirit. Danay is the real deal and her music reflects the true person she is. We wish to congratulate her manager Eric Vazquez and her entire team for their very hard work. I will continue to work on bringing Danay Suarez to Dallas, Texas to perform in 2018. Please read on. ~ Rikki Rincon

The Fast-Rising Cuban Songwriter and Vocalist Is A Top Revelation /New Discovery In This Year’s Latin Grammy Nominations– Recognized For Her Standout Recent Album Palabras Manuales


Danay Suárez, is a discovery well deserving of more international notice. She’s a voice of resilience and passionate self-invention…with moody, slow-building songs…[she] sings as often as delivering rhymes and often raps with melodies …[on] calls for self-reliance and musical autonomy… or life lessons: skepticism, humility, serenity. Her finale, built a six-beat Afro-Cuban rhythm and a modal melody into a compelling incantation.” –Jon Pareles, New York Times

 Singer-rapper Danay Suárez brings a calm message of strength and endurance in the face of change – Vibe

 “Cuban singer Danay Suarez was born a poet.. Suarez speaks softly, her voice weary with the weight of years of struggle to release into the world the music she’s long envisioned in her mind.. – Miami New Times

 “Danay Suarez is one of Cuba’s most underappreciated exports. In March, the vocalist and rapper released a new album, Palabras Manuales,that went criminally under-noticed. It’s a strong sophomore effort that showcases Suarez’s sophisticated style of rapping and beautiful singing voice, which intertwines itself with her evocative lyrics like a beguiling ocean spray… I’ve had the great fortune to see Suarez perform twice., and each time she mesmerized with her trance-like dancing to subtle reggae, hip-hop and Cuban beats as her voice lured the audience in. I am also fascinated by her strong artistic integrity; for Palabras Manuales, she made sure everything was exactly as she heard it in her head, even if it took years to bring it to fruition. …I’ve known from the moment I heard her sing that anything coming from Danay Suarez would be well worth the wait”- NPR

“Cuban singer Danay Suárez is a powerhouse of a musician who offers a kind of mash-up of rap and R&B, pouring out lyrics in a breathless stream of sound and thought. she stole the show” – Washington Post

 “There are a lot of assumptions one can make when learning about Danay Suarez, Cuba’s premiere rapper, and most if not all of them would be wrong. Instead of whatever ideas you might have about Cuba, female rappers, or even hip-hop itself, you are faced with laidback rhymes about humanity and the search for spiritual peace. Instead of serving a word attack, Danay is more about a soothing balm of verbal flow. Her soul-inflicted music effortlessly goes from singing to rapping and back to singing again in a manner she herself compares to jazz singers and instrumentalists” – Remezcla

 Meet The Cuban Hip-Hop Artist You Should Know…Despite challenges, Danay Suárez is taking Cuba’s music scene by storm… Suárez focuses on positive messages of self-empowerment and gender equality. Her music style, has garnered her Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu comparisons Huffington Post

Watch The Album’s Emotional & Visually Stunning First Video “Preguntas” (“Questions”) Filmed At Her Birthplace & Long Time Home In Cuba.

Watch the 2017 Havana Cultura Spotlight of Danay Suárez And Her New Album “Palabras Manuales”

About Danay Suárez

Danay’s main asset as a young singer, born in Havana in 1985, is her versatility, her ability to move from Jazz to Hip-Hop, to the island’s traditional genres without any trouble at all. At the same time, she has the ability to evoke the sweet nothings of Nina Simone and Erykah Badu in a smooth, satiny formula in which the password is elegance. Tempered under the watchful eye of Aldo Rodríguez (Los Aldeanos), she developed artistically with the help of X Alfonso, until she took her giant step with the Havana Cultura Project, prior to the release of her first album, “Polvo de la Humedad” in 2014 (Universal Music, 2014). Since then, and after going through South By Southwest, Hip-Hop al Parque, LAMC, Central Park Summer-Stage, Ted Global Rio, Afro-Latino Festival, LEAF Festival, Méditerranée Festival Ashdod and Global Cuba Fest, all between 2013 and 2016, her acclaim has done nothing but grow, especially after the release of her second album, Palabras Manuales (Universal Latin Music, 2017).

About Palabras Manuales (Manual Words)

Palabras Manuales is an album that one has to listen to several times to discover all its secrets and intentions. The creative process led to composing the music that I would want to buy from another artist. I very much enjoyed weaving words with the melody, the meaning of each lyric  the rhyme  the passages in reverse or the moments in which I sing opera Lyrics. It is a true quilt of genres, but it is obvious that it is meant to be unique rather than pretentious. Ninety Five percent of the album was recorded in the studio, detail by detail analog. Even the delays were generated with the authentic machines, tape delays and not plugins. I’m overjoyed with my guest artists. I chose them for this specific piece and it was possible with their support and their belief in the project. for the first time, Stephen Marley sings in Spanish and I rap at the speed of “El B”  from “Los Aldeanos”. I love how Spanish and Hebrew blend on the track with Idan Raichel and adore Aja Monet’s Thoughts on the Jazz track.  What is special about this album? It has the flow that is sometimes lacking in the industry when it comes to these styles, in particular when they are brought to a Latin American context. It cannot be labeled as a specific genre. It is full of metaphors that must be reflected upon with time.

For more information on Danay Suárez, please contact: John Reilly at 212.878.5076 / jreilly@rogersandcowan.com  or Sylvia Bedrosian at sbedrosian@rogersandcowan.com

William Vivanco de La Habana, Cuba lanzará su nuevo secillo con Music Access, Inc.

Comunicado Inmediato a la Prensa
10 de agosto de 2017
Contacto: Rikki Rincon
(Dallas, Texas) El súper talentoso músico cubano William Vivanco de la Habana, Cuba lanzará su anticipado y esperado sencillo titulado “Bailarina” como estreno mundial a travéz de la compañía Music Access y de su división Music Access Latino en Dallas el próximo viernes 11 de agosto de 2017. El nuevo sencilo estará disponible digitalmente en todas las tiendas tales como Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play entre otras más.
William Vivanco, nacido el 6 de octubre de 1975 en Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, es un compositor y músico cubano. Vivanco aprendió a tocar la guitarra frecuentando la Casa de la Trova en la calle Heredia de Santiago, “robando acordes”. Improvisaba en las calles y también actúo en un coro profesional con niños. Entrenó su voz, aprendiendo las técnicas que le permitirían desarrollar su estilo vocal percusivo y distintivo. También participó en Romerías de Un Día y en el Festival de Cantantes de las Américas en Guantánamo.

Vivanco llegó por primera vez a La Habana cuando tenía 23 años. El sello Bis Music de Santa Clara lo descubrió y le ofreció la posibilidad de hacer su primer disco en solitario en el 2002 llamado “Lo Tengo To ‘Pensa’o”, una mezcla de música brasileña, pop y reggae. Su canción y el videoclip acompañante de “Cimarrón” se hicieron populares. “Cimarrón” se refiere a los esclavos africanos que huyeron de sus amos españoles. En 2006, Vivanco grabó su segundo disco en solitario, “La Isla Milagrosa”, producido por Descemer Bueno y Roberto Carcassés. En los últimos tiempos, Vivanco ha empezado a distanciarse de sus melodías más funkier, poppier en favor de la música que es más “Santiaguera” (de Santiago), más cubana, más rítmica – más tradicional. Vivanco ha actuado también en Francia. En el 2003 se presentó en el festival Les Transmusicales de Rennes y en el 2004 en el Festival Paleo de Nyon en la noche cubana de Les Nuits de Fourvière de Lyon y en agosto de 2005 tocó en el festival de Les Nuits du Sud. (Fuente: Wikipedia).

Rikki Rincón, Presidente de Music Access Latino, una división de Music Access, Inc. declaró: “Después de varias conversaciones con William Vivanco desde el 2016 y de ser presentado a través de un colega de la industria, siempre fue una idea maravillosa el poder trabajar con él y finalmente llegó a Music Access, Inc. Estamos muy emocionados por la oportunidad de trabajar con el muy talentoso cantante, compositor y productor William Vivanco. Después de ver su trabajo con algunos de los mejores talentos de Cuba durante la última década y luego de conocerlo como persona, estamos más que convencidos de que más allá de su talento es una persona realista, con la que esperamos crecer “.

William Vivanco lo dice claramente acerca de su nuevo single Bailarina inspirada en el poema de José Martí”: “La bailarina española, mezclada con música árabe, española, celta kizomba y reggaetón”. “La canción Bailarina se inspiró en el poema de José Martí: La Bailarina Española, música mezclada con sonidos de kizomba árabe, español, celta y un poco de reggaetón”.

William Vivanco se une al productor José Ángel, en el violin William Roblejo, Reiner Mariño en la guitarra flamenca, y la mezcla y materización a cargo de Luis Durán. Crédito de la foto a Cinthia Bapa. El nuevo single saldrá a la venta el viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017, en el mercado digital a través de Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Tidal, Music Access, Inc. y otros. Para las relaciones con los medios de comunicación y las entrevistas, póngase en contacto con Rikki Rincon al r.rincon@musicaccessinc.com o al número de teléfono 972-686-7700 ext 14.

Cobertura de la prensa mundial:


Olga Tañon, Merengue Superstar set to perform at The Bomb Factory

August 2, 2017
Contact: Rikki Rincon 214-549-1201

(Dallas, Texas) Merengue superstar from Puerto Rico, Olga Tañon is set to perform at The Bomb Factory, Dallas, Texas, on Thursday, August 17th, 2017. Ms. Tañon will bring her orchestra and bring her power packed energy she is known for to her die hard fans.

In the first half of the 1990s, the Puerto Rican merengue singer Olga Tañón rocketed to fame behind a series of fizzy, kinetic, jubilant records. On albums like Mujer de Fuego and Siente el Amor, her band existed in perpetual forward motion, propelled by juicy lines from the hot-stepping horn section, bright spurts from the accordion and streams of single bass notes audibly high in the mix. Tañón skipped along, hovering above her musicians, reveling in giddy speed.

She drove dancers into a frenzy by issuing rough screams — see “Piel a Piel” and “Presencie Tu Amor,” where it’s as if James Brown suddenly popped into the studio during a merengue recording session — and cheerful interjections of onomatopoeic goofiness: “brrrrrrr!” And she was shadowed by precise, piquant backing vocalists, who sometimes echoed their leader, and sometimes engaged her in a vocal boxing match.

The combustible combination proved immediately successful — Tañón breached the top 20 on the Hot Latin Songs chart with her debut single, “Una Mujer Rota” — and durable: in April, “Asi Es el Amor,” a collaboration with Wisin, cracked the top 10 on the Tropical Airplay Songs chart. It’s her 27th top 10 on that chart, the most by any female singer, and a good omen for the release of her latest album, Olga Tañón y Punto, which hit shelves on Friday (May 12).

The arc of Tañón’s career, in some ways, has paralleled that of Marc Anthony: both performers pumped a series of records onto the charts in the early 1990s, reinvigorating traditional forms — merengue for Tañón, salsa for Anthony. Both gradually moved away from the driving style of their early days to make room for stately, dramatic ballads later in the decade. And both eventually tacked back towards the hard-nosed music that initially won them fame.

Brought you by the Esparza Group and the Bomb Factory, this is an ALL AGES EVENT/21+ to drink. The Bomb Factory is located at 2713 Canton St, Dallas, Texas in the Deep Ellum District. You may visit http://www.thebombfactory.com and PRE-SALE TICKETS ON SALE NOW! at http://tinyurl.com/y6w4gpqz


Rikki Rincón

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