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Ready for a Monster Christmas?

For some time now we have been reviewing product from various companies, whether it be a test drive in a car, sampling food/beverages to technology gear and we truly love what we do as you can imagine! Well this week we were surprised to hear that knock from the delivery driver and said sir you have a package. We love those words.

This wasn’t the typical small box this was a bit larger and we saw Monster Products on the box and anxiety was slowly growing in anticipation. What we unpacked was something we had been waiting on for sometime and that is the SuperStar Monster Blaster BoomBox that has been all the buzz at the last SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas during the Monster Products showcase. Talk about bringing back the Old Skool flava, this reminds me of my original boombox we used to carry on the streets to all the breakdance gatherings while growing up in Dallas, Texas.

The SuperStar Monster Blaster is packed with a huge punch, from low end to the crispy highs that you need to have whether you are a fan of Hip Hop, EDM, Latino, Old Skool or Rock, this is not just for the streets but this gets any party going! Being a DJ all my life I am very critical to low end frequencies that do not distort and this one does not disappoint. The best part is yet to come as this is bluetooth, yes we said it, it pairs to your mobile device in a matter of seconds and remains in tact from a great distance. From my favorite songs, dj mixes to kicking into Spotify mode via mobile device, this SuperStar Monster Blaster is not just a want, this is a must have gift for yourself. Sometimes it’s okay to gift yourself and this is THE gift that keeps on giving, from one party to the next, go buy yours today.

Well as we kept unpacking we had two amazing surprise bluetooth headphones we needed to try on and connect to give them a listen. These are two super slick headphones brought to you by the creator mindset of Monster Products, no other than Noel Lee and let me tell you this, we had the most difficult time deciding which one to try first! We are major fans of the television show #Empire and we have seen these bad boys called the Monster Elements on the show and in our favorite rosegold to top things off, so off we went. Once again, without fail the pairing of these bluetooth headphones to our mobile devices moved very rapidly and once we turn on the music it was complete and total bliss. We are not sure what we loved the most, the appearance, the style and hardware or the sound, like super impressive. I have worn many brands of headphones in my life, whether it be as a DJ, in the recording studio at Music Access, Inc. or just personal enjoyment but the sound coming out of these is pure coolness. #BeInYourElement.

Ahhhh but it didn’t end there! We were super excited to also receive the in demand bluetooth headsets endorsing none other than the #1 soccer player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo and they are called the Monster RocSport #LiveLifeLound Black Platinum version and the sound out of these are equal to the Monster Elements we spoke about above and the design is super cool, you almost want to wear these out in the night with your sporty gear groovin’ to your hottest music!

We first saw these the moment Monster Products endorsed Cristiano Ronaldo and the product sold faster than one can imagine so now we are enjoying our favorite musica today and you should too! Now you can see why we had such a difficult time deciding which one we like the most. The time is now, do not wait for Christmas, visit http://www.monsterproducts.com and gift yourself a pair.



Rikki Rincon


Monster Products SUPERSTAR HOTSHOT Bluetooth Speaker Review

I just got a hold of this tiny, fits in the palm of my hand, bluetooth speaker from Monster Products and can I say wow? Well, the creative mindset of Monster Products, Inc., Mr. Noel Lee has done it once again, but am I surprised? Not one bit. Mr. Lee continues to disrupt the electronics/tech industry always remaining many steps ahead. That should be expected when A) He’s the engineer and creator of all things Monster Products, Inc., yes including those “earlier” versions of Beats by Dre, not the current ones you have.


We unpackaged this tiny stocking stuffer and paired it up with our mobile device and that took seconds and boom this little Superstar HOTSHOT began putting out just the right enough kick and full sound for our office area and check this out, you can select to hang it on a lamp, hook or drop from a string like an ornament or wear it on your belt or backpack, this Superstar HOTSHOT is super perfect to enjoy your full sound audio, the way it was meant to sound.

Do you know the full Monster Products, Inc. story? Ahhh, but you should know it. Click here and read today and start spreading the news… Oh I couldn’t end this without telling you how inexpensive the Superstar  HOTSHOT is, drum roll please…. only $49.95! Go here to buy yours today and other product from Monster Products, Inc.



         Rikki Rincon


Creative Juice Online Hispanicize Experience

As I made my plans to attend the 2016 Hispanicize weeklong event, I had many goals in mind this time. To engage with many of those I have come to know for the 7 years and to see what may be missing in my portfolio. As I ascended upon Miami I noticed immediately how much had changed from the previous years, by this I mean how many more new people had registered and the large amount of digital influencers had taken over Hispanicize.

There is a major shift taking place in the industry and brand influencers, bloggers hold the key to connecting brands to consumers. Whether it is via their blogs, video channels, snap chats, live streaming on demand with apps such as #Periscope or #FacebookLive, the paradigm has shifted and majorly so. What I saw less of was print media, almost non existent, am I surprised? Not in the least.  News is now, it’s relevance is based on how quick it can arrive to it’s demo and socially shared to the masses, so this has now taken over Hispanicize.

In preparation for Hispanicize I had to take care of the performance for my client The Effinays as they were selected to perform at the Arist On The Rise Showcase and that they did! The crowd, media and sponsors absolutely loved The Effinays and quickly they were moved to the media interviews with La Musica (SBS), Hispanicize official media team were up next and photos with Mega TV “Te Para Tres” Host, Pili Montilla and Monster Products, Inc. The social media metrics for our client has skyrocketed and just one of their mobile videos on their official Facebook page as reached over 125,000 people reached and 10k views and moving up by the hour, so the value of their appearance, after driving 24 hours from Dallas to Miami and back was beyond worth the value. From press coverage to social shares, The Effinays are on their way up and fast.

On Thursday morning, I moderated an exciting panel with celebrity guest/host, Detective Gomez of Cheaters TV called “How to Catch A Cheat” and this proved to be a hit amongst those in attendance. From the early signs, how to react when you discover the news and how highly encouraging it is to do a background check on those you plan to marry were just a few of the hot topics in play during this session.

We were excited to meet up with the Monster Products team as they were one of many sponsors for this wonderful week in Miami. From showcasing their wonderful lines of headphones to waterproof floating bluetooth speakers and the launch of their new #BlastToTheFuture Boombox, which carries a huge punch, Monster Products were out to not just showcase but to fully engaged their activation with jetting the CEO/Founder, Mr. Noel Lee, the engineer and brain of his hot line of gear. As Mr. Lee made his entrance, he was accompanied by national recording artists Locos Por Juana. Together and others from the industry spoke of their history and reasons why the quality of Monster Products is their premier choice.

One of the funniest moments was finally meeting and seeing Los Pichy Boys in live action. If you are not aware of who Los Pichy Boys are then you must follow their viral videos on their official Facebook page. Los Pichy Boys are a two Cuban comedians along with their female comedienne Jennifer Mai, together this entourage have garnish hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views with their very comical videos.

Our team also had a wonderful experience with the Cricket Mobile #Cricketeo VIP party held at Haven in Miami Beach where the celebrities, media and attendees all packed in to see Santa Cecelia perform a live acoustic set. The drinks were flowing and the food was super delicious, we are most definitely returning to Haven. There is so much to write about Miami that our blog would never end as this city is the perfect destination for the Latino industry. We look forward to 2017 already.



Rikki Rincon


Cristiano Ronaldo breaking viral video!

World reknown soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo just released his latest viral video Tea vs Photos. You can only imagine what it must be like to be this famous and trying to live a normal life not happening and see why! Find out what it’s like to be Ronaldo as the tea shop. #IamMonster #LiveLifeLoud Get your Cristiano Ronaldo Monster gear today!

We love our new Monster Selfie Case

It’s always a nice surprise when you receive a package in the mail and when you open a gift appears, in this case two of them. Many that read this that are not in the industry we are in may not understand but after opening this up we no longer need to carry a selfie stick with us. We can now leave that back home with this new Monster Selfie Case, the case that allows you to place or in this case, stick on a flat surface, like glass, a mirror and many other surfaces while you get in position, pose and boom, pic taken.  For those of you that ask about the difference between having this and a selfie stick, well, for one, the distance and getting a much wider shot. By now you should have, if you do not already, a nice photo taking app with a timer you can set at 5, 15 or 30 seconds giving you time to get in frame, that will truly help with this new Monster Selfie Case.

The one we received fitted our iPhone 6 and ever since my wife tested it she is loving every second of it as we tested it immediately. See a few personal shots below and get yours today at  www.monsterproducts.com official website and store. For only $29.99 this is very much worth all the freedom and fun you will experience with it. We cannot wrap this review up until we also brag about the Monster Power Card Turbo charger. This charger for our mobile devices is a life saver, especially if you are on the go like we are. Many times you forget to charge your phone, tablet or other device and having this with you immediately begins to charge saving you time and often times, saving the moment. Go online now and add these two products to your “must have” list of techie accessories. Did know also know Monster Products now has an official online magazine? Visit www.monsternationnow.com to see their latest news!




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