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Creative Juice Online retained by M. Power and Associates


We are excited to announce that Creative Juice Online was retained to handle digital brand management for Dallas based M. Power and Associates, led by Founder/CEO, Miriam Marsh.  M. Power & Associates is an international management consulting firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  An experienced international supply chain security management consulting firm that specializes in risk-based solutions, assessments, and training programs for the public and private sector both domestic and international. Whether you are a small company with fewer than five employees or a major corporation or agency with thousands of employees, supply chain security is critical. As their client you have the freedom to choose from a variety of options that best support your corporate strategy. For more detailed information regarding these options, please see our services or contact at 214-477-4813 or toll free at 888-883-7190. Visit us today at www.mpowera.com We invite you to like and follow today.

Creative Juice Online will assist in all social media streams, brand management and message amplification. You may contact our office at 214-549-1201 or rikki@creativejuice.mobi to request an interview or public speaking appearance for Ms. Miriam Marsh.


Rikki Rincón


Creative Juice Online retained by Estela Trevizo-Actress/Model/Talent for digital brand management


Photo credit http://www.joelpares.com and Jonah Gilmore

April 17, 2015 (Dallas, Texas)- Creative Juice Onilne announces today the signing and retaining by Actress/Model/Talent, Estela Trevizo of Dallas, Texas as we prepare to maintain digital brand management and publicity for her growing career.  From acting in film, many television commericals, to modeling in the Latino Fashion Week Dallas showcase to winning Miss Texas Latina 2011, Estela Trevizo is not stopping anytime soon! The past year or two Estela founded and now runs Bella Modeling School in the Dallas area where boys and girls from the early ages of 5 to upwards of 21 enroll with her weekly and monthly classes and it is designed to help build confidence and empower young men and women in the modeling industry or in everyday life. “We are passionate about creating a positive environment for their students to grow and learn the skills to pursue modeling”. They pride themselves in their quality work and quality education for their students.

Recently Estela Trevizo‘s modeling career took off to new heights as she was signed to internationally known agency WILHELMINA as they fully represent her modeling booking representation.  Aside from her modeling career, Estela Trevizo is working towards her acting/film works and is in the early stages of obtaining coaching to further her depth.  A major honor was just handed to her as Estela was selected and nomiated as one of 10 successful women for the 10 Shades of Success in Dallas, that will take place on Thursday, May 28th, 2015 honoring successful women leaders in the community. Estela was given the honor of becoming the Director of the Miss Frisco Texas Latina Pageant this year.

What is certain is Estela Trevizo at the age of 24 has conquered quite a bit and her brand is beginning to flourish. Creative Juice Onilne’s Founder/Creative Director Rikki Rincon sees much promise in the career of Estela and will soon present her to the masses via media works, publicity and brand management.  Contact Rikki Rincon at 214-549-1201 or rikki@creativejuice.mobi for interviews, appearances and speaking engagements.  You can follow her blog movement at www.estelatrevizo.com, like her on facebook and follower her via twitter.