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The Latino Market: So Long to Go

Over the past 35 years and as far back as I can recall, the Latino market was progressively moving towards the numbers we see today. But, it wasn’t always that simple to realize, due to only having a few gauges to measure the growth. Sure, we have the U.S. Census, Nielsen, Arbitron and other sources of measurement and no matter the growth what I have come to not realize but actually witness, is while we as a culture grew our “piece of the pie” truly has not.

I have traveled coast to coast attending one Latino conference, convention after another and have met and mixed with the industry’s best and one common thread I have seen in just about every circle is, we are active, we are progressive thinkers but, only a few of us are leading the way with being the decision makers.  In my line of work with regards to digital brand management, social media, media relations and more what I have noticed are micro agencies attempting to either “act as if they know by retaining zero experience Latinos” or “exploiting our culture” in various ways, all this by receiving the green light on the mega budgets that our people, our hard working talented Latinos should have and rightfully so.

You can invest a million or even a billion in our market but unless you are us, you will not have the equal amount of passion and empathy we possess. Often too many times we witness Latino agencies, businesses being passed up on very large budgets while the non Latino businesses win those budgets then try to turn around, find a “designated” Latino to service a community they are pretty much clueless about. Being a Latino alone does not qualify you for what I share, but if you are equally talented and many times, over qualified and still do not receive what you deserve, then that can be a sign to move on. I once sat in a meeting back in the mid-90’s wherein someone of caucasian persuasion began to tell me “We should celebrate Cinco de Mayo” and “Diez y Seis de Septiembre” and went on to dictate to my team they had budgeted for those two months alone. Would you even believe one of the guys in their circle of newbies even suggested we highlight “National Nacho Chip Day?”, yes really.

Now moving into 2016 one would think that “mentality” has but disappeared right? Do not be shocked when I tell you it has not. Take Texas for instance, in Dallas we make up about 41-42% of the population of the city and I ask you how much is invested into our market? Drive through San Antonio, Austin, Houston and see the outreach, not so much here in this great city. From city events, to outdoor billboards, to the overall perception of the city, we feel we are not included and with the growing population progressing as it will, what happens when we are 50.1 or now the majority of this market? Will the coined phrase “Minority” be replaced with “General Market”? I brought this up recently in a circle of media and bloggers and I never experienced so much silence on this subject than any other I proposed.


We at Creative Juice Online are fed up, so much to the point we are considering launching a new online/blog and maybe high end print magazine detailing all the greatness the news, media as whole either select not to or are truly ignorant to it. Back many years ago DFW had a wonderful, well produced magazine called Valiente, owned by Mr. Jay Forte. This magazine was top of the line, not just in it’s appearance but it’s overall DNA was in the same line of that of D Magazine and others. From major fashion shows, social functions, national stories and so much more, Valiente was well ahead of it’s time. When you see Latino celebrities such as Pitbull, Sofia Vegara, Eva Longoria and others investing into many major projects, companies and more, the hope is there for us all.

I am fair, there is a great divide in this city and a lack of information from our culture to the what is now, the “General Market” and we must take blame for it as well and act responsible in ensuring our younger Latinos have an idea of this great city which will one day be there very own major market. These words I expressed are my very own and hopefully one day our very own Latino media will open this dialogue but hey, they are not Latino owned.



Rikki Rincón

Detective Gomez and Rikki Rincon to host Panel at Hispanicize

Just announced and added to the 2016 Hispanicize schedule of panels, Detective Gomez of world renown reality television show Cheaters has been selected to host a panel called “To Catch a Cheat”. This exciting panel filled with tips on how to catch a cheat, signs to look for and much more will be moderated by Rikki Rincon, CEO/Creative Director of Creative Juice Online as he engages with the audience in Miami on Thursday, April 7th at 8:25am. Register to attend Hispanicize today at www.hispanicizeevent.com.

As stated on the official website of Hispanicize “In this irreverent but serious session Det. Daniel Gomez of the hit reality show “Cheaters” unpacks some of the secrets of his investigative trade so you too can catch a cheat.  In 16 years of busting “Cheaters” Det. Gomez has investigated some pretty crazy things and people.  We can’t even predict where this fireside chat with one of the nation’s most popular Latino reality stars is going but it won’t be boring!” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND RSVP TO ATTEND PANEL!

Here’s a little more insight to Detective Gomez. Detective Daniel Gomez is a Texan, born and raised. Growing up in Dallas, Detective Gomez pursued a career in law enforcement and received a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Dallas Baptist University. After graduation he entered law enforcement and served 12 years in a major metropolitan area. Throughout his time with law enforcement, Danny also furthered his interests in becoming a private detective. His invaluable work as a law enforcement officer helped him make the decision to work in the private sector.

After many experiences of dealing with domestic and family matters as an officer, Detective Gomez specializes in these issues, particularly infidelity investigations. It was because of this focused work he came to the attention of Executive Producer Bobby Goldstein. After meeting with Bobby Goldstein, Danny Gomez was pleased to join the team at “Cheaters” as lead detective for the show. In 2013 Detective Gomez released his first book “Play to Win” via Amazon, click to purchase and read the secrets of how to beat the cheater to their game. See you in Miami!

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chikiPoP Music launches new talent audition page!

Just announced! chikiPoP Music, a hot new recording group focusing on the young talented marketplace worldwide launched their new, direct-to-site talent video upload, available to all from anywhere in the world! This strategy will make live auditions easy for talent from anywhere in the world to get discovered as each video will be screened by the exectutives at chikiPoP Music. The team at chikiPoP Music consists of Robert Gonzalez (CEO/Music Access, Inc), Christian Chavarria (CEO/Producer, C-Factory Productions), Michael Gonzalez (CEO/El Creative Agency) and Rikki Rincon (CEO/Creative Director/Creative Juice Online). This is for the youth market and those wishing to upload their video link click here! www.chikipop.com.

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