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2016 Ford Trends-My Journey

After attending the Ford Trends event in Detroit in 2015 I was left with such an impression I could not wait to return and when the invite arrive for the one this year I was beyond ecstatic. You see, to many events like Ford Trends it is a chance to get away and see the latest cars, meet other media and influencers but to me it’s an opportunity to jump into the future of tech mobility and Ford Motor Company is on to major innovation.  You may say, well, other companies are doing the same so why all the hype? In the case of Ford Motor Company they are not just into tech they live for it, a major difference.

After reviewing the itinerary of speakers and topic matter I asked to jet me to Detroit immediately. There I was able to learn not just about the forthcoming 2017 models and new features, yes, that intrigued me but what got my undivided attention was Ford Motor Company’s commitment to self automation, the environment, how they are so engaged into fostering future engineers via reinvestment programs such as the future of coders with organizations like Code2040 and other innovation. You see, these are things you cannot simply see on a television advertisement or magazine ad placement, Ford Motor Company is more than vehicles, they are the future of making our lives a better place to live in.

Getting to hear CEO/President of Ford Motor Company, Mark Fields speak about his commitment to innovation, all things digital, mobility leaves me wanting to hear more and more. He then introduces his top engineers allowing them to give us, the global media, a glance into what’s to come and let me tell you, it’s very exciting, so much that I am going to continue with our family Ford investments. One of the most exciting part of my trip was witnessing the future of the self automated vehicle, whoa. At first, like you, I was completely in denial, doubt and it wasn’t until I test rode with their staff did I see for myself, how the vehicle knew exactly where it was going, the speed it was traveling, when to slow down and break when someone was crossing the street and when to avoid oncoming cars, this is magical.

Another major reveal at the 2016 Ford Trends was the announcement of changes coming to their surround sound experience, with a B&O Play audio in future Ford Motor Company vehicles. This was a very nice surprise!  I’ve only had my 2016 Ford Escape Titanium for less than 6 months and I am already thinking which vehicle I want to get next, hmmm, will it be another Escape Titanium or will be a Ford Edge? Not sure but one thing’s for sure, I will remain with the Ford Motor Company.



Rikki Rincon



Creative Juice Online to attend the 2016 Further with Ford Event in Detroit


Each year around this time we look forward to the thought of not just attending the Ford Trends conference but bringing you one on one with the future innovations at Ford. The 2016 Further with Ford #FordTrends conference takes place September 11-13th. This will be our third trip to Detroit, Michigan, home to FORD as we are part of the media from around the nation to cover the future of FORD at it’s 2016 #FORDTRENDS event. This is Ford’s sixth annual Further with Ford trend conference, a major coming together of thought leaders, media and others allowing us to engage in conversation and report on the future of Ford.

We will not only witness the latest innovation but we will hear major leaders, engineers and others at Ford as they lead us into the future, taking us beyond the conversation and diving in the exploration of the biggest trends transforming consumer values, attitudes and behaviors.

I will to go behind the scenes at their Dearborn campus to experience the very latest product innovations. This is our third trip to cover Ford and we are very excited! From Facebook Live, Instagram, Twitter make sure you follow me.

Creative Juice Online amazing #FurtherWithFord2015 journey

We just wrapped up our amazing journey with the #FurtherWithFord2015 event in San Francisco and just as the city leaves us breathless so does the #FordTrends experience.  Being tech junkies we are we were fascinated by not only the advacement of #Ford but their very progressive nature to engage in Silicon Valley amongst the world’s top brands such as Facebook, Google, etc in tech valley as we love to call it!

The most intriguing live talks by CEO of Ford, Mark Fields to a packed house to Co-Founder of Reddit, to 3D Robotics to the company SAP that lights up #Ford in Silicon Valley, I experienced the most exciting tour of the mindset of #FordTech and their #FordGreen investment towards the present and future. More than just a vehicle, Ford’s investment to their customers goes way beyond what anyone can possibly imagine.  I personally wish to thank you #FordTrends #FordEspanol and the great Grand Hyatt Hotel staff and service, top notch as always! I look forward to 2016 and most definitely returning to this lovely San Francisco in the future!



Creative Juice Online Going Further with Ford in Silicon Valley

As I prepared for yet another fun and exciting trip to “Go Further With Ford”, I knew what was in store and that is the 1st class energy coming from my favorite team at #FordTrends.  Last year we jetted to Detroit for 2014 and today #Ford welcomed Creative Juice Online to the #FurtherwithFord2015 #FordTrends in one of our most favorite cities in the USA–San Francisco!  We are currently working on content to bring our readers the vibe, energy of #FordTrends as we will attend an event to hear CEO of Ford, Mark Fields tonight!  From the latest technology, future vehicles from the minds of #Ford to engaging with media and bloggers from around the nation we are once again excited and honored to be part of this tour.  We will bring you more as events take place. Follow on via twitter, instagram and facebook! Let’s go!


Creative Juice Online invited to Further with Ford 2015 Conference in Silicon Valley

Great news! Creatie Juice Online has been invited to the ‪#‎FurtherWithFord2015‬ ‪#‎FordTrends‬ two day event, June 23 & 25, 2015 in ‪#‎SiliconValley‬ ‪#‎PaloAlto‬ in June ‪#‎bloglife‬ ‪#‎mediaworks‬‪#‎mobi‬ ‪#‎creativejuiceonline‬ ‪#‎nonstop‬ ‪#‎onlinealways‬ ‪#‎iLoveford‬.  We look forward to visiting the capitial of all things digital in USA and to bring our followers up close and personal via blogs, videos and more social fun!

Rikki Rincón

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