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My Experience with the Ford Millennials in Miami

Experience is defined as the knowledge or mastery of an event or subject gained through involvement in or exposure to it and in the case of my #FordMillennial experience I am left with a longing to return to the wonderful team assembled by Albert Collazo and Nastasha Otero. Not solely for their vision but their passion for creating a lifelong #ford familia. It is evident in the way in which they display an over the top planning and execution and always inviting the thoughts, input and creative intuition of each and every #FordMillennial on the team.  My experience has many components of success factors from the moment I arrived to Miami to my departure.

An experience in my words means the overall picture, not just one spefiic area of interest, yes, I was excited to meet others in the industry, from the tour and Q&A sessions with Zubi Advertising to Venture Hive and other digital specialists in my field from advertising, public relations to tech. I also thoroughly enjoyed the live sessions with Ford respresentatives and hearing the great #FordMillennials panelists as they spoke of their own individual experience in the Community, Mobility, Sync 3 and how heavily invovled #Ford is in not only reaching out to the Latino community but embracing us as familia. As we met, mixed and mingled at the Coral Gables Country Club, broadcasted our live panels via #Periscope, #Twitter and #Facebook we also had the chance to test drive the popular Ford Edge Platinum and in one word: WOW.  From the pure leather interior to the sound system to rock your concert experience, I am in love with the Ford Edge Platinum!  I currently own a Ford Escape Titanium and am looking forward to upgrading to the Ford Edge and soon.

Each and every detail of my journey with #FordMillennials in Miami was well orchestrated, down to the top rated meals, our dinner at Jimmy Z’s Kitchen in Wynnwood was in itself, an amazing experience as Chef/Owner Jimmy Z warmly welcomed us all to his casa, preparing and presenting us with top rated Puerto Rican cuisine, yes, our Miami experience was second to none. One cannot begin to forget the 4 course dinner experience at Cibo Winebar in Coral Gables, set in a private dinner area as we continued the communication and strategies for more of the best with the #FordMillennial team. As the experience carried on one would think to themselves, all this in 2-3 days? Yes, but ahhhh, that’s not it, the team that leads #FordMillennials surprised our group to a Bayside Yacht Cruise! Yes and we got to experience the life out in the waters while going live on #Periscope, #Twitter, #Facebook and #Instagram as we shared our #FordMillenials Miami experience! My calendar is open and ready for the next one!