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Creative Juice Online announces new Digital Marketing Texas venture with ROYALTIE

Creative Juice Online announces today this huge, game disrupting news as we have been selected to collaborate with the one and only Royaltie company that is changing the game in your digital marketing, sales lead generation, branding strategies. From small startup businesses with smaller digital marketing budgets to larger ones that wish to change the course of their current strategies to enhance their company and brand on the much larger and progressive platform in their own marketplace or anywhere in the world, up to 145 countries, Royaltie takes your business where never thought of and the power in the hands of the business.

Joe Marque, Southeast Master Affiliate of Royaltie had this to say. “We are very excited to partner with Creative Juice Online, Rikki and his business are a staple in Texas for many years. Together we are going to help more small businesses leverage the power of social media”.

According the the Pew Research Center and their latest research on mobility use in the United States of America, the vast majority of Americans – 95% – now own a cellphone of some kind. The share of Americans that own smartphones is now 77%, up from just 35% in Pew Research Center’s first survey of smartphone ownership conducted in 2011. As the adoption of traditional broadband service has slowed in recent years, a growing share of Americans now use smartphones as their primary means of online access at home. Today one-in-five American adults are “smartphone-only” internet users – meaning they own a smartphone, but do not have traditional home broadband service. (Source link: Pew Research Center on Internet and Technology)

We at Creative Juice Online have invested over 30+ years in the public relations, digital, marketing, media space and to see this today is truly amazing and cannot wait to speak to businesses all over Texas. I have been invited to speak at the Royaltie Digital Mobility Summit taking place on Saturday, June 1, 2019, from 10:00am-6:0pm at the Renaissance Addison Dallas Hotel, 15201 Dallas Parkway near the North Dallas Tollway and it’s FREE! This will reach capacity and you need to RSVP now by clicking here . Call 469-490-9993 or rikkirincon@creativejuice.mobi today to learn how your business can get on board.

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Call 469-490-9993 to sign up today!


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Rikki Rincon, Digital Strategist

Creative Juice Online selected to work Digital Latino initiative for Visit Dallas Blog

We at Creative Juice Online have been selected to work the Digital Blog for Visit Dallas for the Latino sector of our great city. For the past 12 years we have worked with Visit Dallas under our partnership with the R2 Group but this new announcement is a direct digital connect with Creative Juice Online to handle the Visit Dallas Blog monthly in relationship with the Latino community of Dallas on their official www.visitdallas.com.


From where to go, upcoming events, concerts and tips on how to make Dallas your destination is fundamental to our goal here at Creative Juice Online. Dallas is growing faster than we can keep up with, from new restaurants, lounges, boutique hotels, coffee shops, international food selections, parks and entertainment districts so we are now joining part of a collective group of agencies and with the leadership of Visit Dallas our goal is to bring you as much information as possible of hidden spots, recommendations and how you can engage with us. Make sure to visit www.visitdallas.com  and to keep up with our blog movement along with every other blog that fills your life with information about Dallas!

About Creative Juice Online:

Creative Juice Online is a digital brand management agency providing social media progressive strategies to your brand, message or identity. Executing online amplification, marketing, branding, media relations and digital consumer outreach via creative tactics, metric engagement and high traffic visibility 7 days a week. Maximizing the reach, effectiveness of every campaign while maintaining “top of mind” to your target demo.


Rikki Rincon, Digital Strategist


Rikki Rincon featured in LA’s Premiere Bilingual Publication ALEGRIA Magazine

Today I get this wonderful news from Los Angeles’ Premier Luxury Bilingual ALEGRIA MAGAZINE featuring me and Creative Juice Online on page 55. This was done in hard copy for LA and online for the world to read. You will also love page 54 wherein several Dallas Latino restaurants are featured!

I truly wish to thank Davina, Publisher of this magazine and a special colleague for referring me, they know who they are! You will be hearing more from ALEGRIA Magazine very soon as we are teaming up with this wonderful magazine to produce a ALEGRIA Dallas party! Contact us at 214-549-1201 or rikkirincon@creativejuice.mobi if you are interested in sponsoring this event. Visit www.alegriamagazine.com today.

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Living La #VidaLexus in Dallas with LEXUS Presents OBRAS DE ARTE!

On Wednesday night, March 8th, what was anticipated to be a very nice event as was in 2016, turned into an overwhelming night of Living La #VidaLexus as Dallas’ movers and shakers came out but did more than attend, they showed that Dallas is one hot diverse market! For many years I have worked hard to diversify our outreach and digital brand marketing outreach efforts to create more real inclusion, not just in words.

What took place at this 2017 #VidaLexus event was not a shock to me and those attending, it was a confirmation that Dallas, too, is a beautiful melting pot of our diversity and how when executed properly, wins. Make no mistake Lexus Presents: OBRAS DE ARTE is a Latino movement but the most beautiful thing is that is exactly why others, non latinos make their appearance to not just learn about nuestra cultura, but engaged, experience our Latino artisans, visuals, musica and way of life. I am a native Dallasite and it has been a very long time, a couple of decades or more since I have experienced that much love, passion for art, music and cultura in one room, here in Dallas, Texas.

Lexus Presents: OBRAS DE ARTE has proven when vision + compassion + progressive strategies = successful event execution! I have many to thank for last night’s success, the team that are the engine of all logistical planning and tours, the agency in LA. This team of hard working women are moving mountains for Lexus and to have requested us at Creative Juice Online to return for a second year to work digital and guest outreach is an honor. Nothing happens on it’s own and I am the biggest believer of cause and effect and without those like Janice Torres of the Brand Phoenix in NY whom brought my company to work digital and outreach in 2016, this second time around would not have been possible. So, being grateful to all that fall in line of success factors is vital.

To DJ Jammin Joe now booked through Creative Juice Online, you outdid yourself at this event last night! Being a DJ is not solely about the music mix, the hype, but truly knowing what your crowd loves and executing proper programing and DJ Jammin Joe executes each and every time. To each and every guest, you made this event a complete success! Thank you for attending, engaging both at the event and online with #VidaLexus social streams. We will see you again next year for the #VIdaLexus as they have advised me that Dallas is on fire! We will be back. That’s all.



Rikki Rincon

Creative Juice Online Digital Brand Management-We Amplify you

For every 10 pitches we make we typically find that only 2 out of 10 prospects can truly grasp what it is we do at Creative Juice Online. Especially when the decision makers are baby boomers, who, are by no fault of their own, are often times in the dark digitally speaking. The old way of doing business seems to be more appealing even though those means of “advertising” are on a decline and fast. Life experiences via proper branding and relevance is the now and future.

For those companies that assign someone that is what we call digital relevant that actually speak the same digital language we do it truly helps us get the message past stage one. Below we have listed in bullet points the areas of service we offer and continue to work for satisfied clients.

  • Build visibility and authority, attracting/maintaining audience
  • Video production for social media videos/commericals
  • Facebook profile to business page conversions
  • Amplify your social strategies to our many social network accounts
  • Growing your social traffic
  • Logo Creative
  • Social media ad creative and distribution
  • Media relations
  • Social monitoring with increased response time
  • Connecting with key influencers
  • Providing online customer service on demand
  • Directing traffic to website/blog
  • Reputation management with engagement of customers/fans
  • Brand loyalty with venue, swift response time
  • Remaining relevant with topics of engagement
  • 7 day a week online management

We have compiled some client testimonials to share as you can typically get an idea through their words. Without going into more details we invite you to visit us at http://www.creativejuice.mobi to view much more information. We meet many prospects via skype or facetime  for the introduction and when required face to face to further the discussion past the introduction. We offer consultation at two rates, one online and in person when required.  Let’s talk 214-549-1201 or rikkirincon@creativejuice.mobi.

Client Testimonials

“Rikki, we could not allow the 9th Annual Latino Fashion Week® to come to an end without recognizing your outstanding efforts. On behalf of ourselves, and the LFW staff, we want to extend a heart-felt thank you to Creative Juice Online, for your commitment to making this event so successful. The fashion show was a huge success and the quality of the show could not have taken place without your support.” – Arabel Alva Rosales, J.D. & Cesar Rolon Jr., Co-Founders & Principals (Miami 2015 Tour)

“This dude Rikki Rincón is one person, but does the job of an Army. I literally can’t get over how dope, professional, connected and awesome he is! Thank you for Magic in ‪#‎Dallas‬. ‪#‎VidaLexus‬ ‪#‎MyMVP‬‪#‎CreativeJuiceOnline” – Janice Torres, President/Founder, The Brand Phoenix (New York, NY)

“Rikki is always a pleasure to work with! Prompt, helpful and professional – he helped us promote our MBA events in Austin and Dallas, and he yielded great results. Would highly recommend.” –Charlotte Russell Marketing Executive North America, QS Quacquarelli Symonds Limited, offices in: London, Paris, Singapore, Stuttgart, Boston, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Sydney, Washington DC

“I had the pleasure of working with Rikki and his team when we brought our Super Freestyle Explosion Concert to Dallas. Rikki followed through on all his promises to help promote our show and his presentation and creativity were excellent.  He is a true professional and a very hard working person. Thanks again for all your help. I would highly recommend hiring Rikki to help with your public relations and or promoting your business or event. He will make a big difference!!!” Alan Beck/PresidentPacific Concert Group, Beverly Hills Ca

“Over the course of five years, I’ve known Rikki Rincon to be one of Dallas’ most consummate marketing professionals.  Rikki’s energy is tireless, team player who is also excels as an amazing networker and event organizer.  I highly recommend Rikki!-Manny Ruiz  HISPANICIZE (Miami)

“There are certain people that radiate energy when you run into them and Rikki is one of them. When you realize how creative and forward thinking he is you realize that people with talent like his come few and far in between. His understanding for the world of marketing is undeniable and I look forward to continued collaboration with Rikki. I would recommend his talents in the marketing, branding, social media and public relations world anytime” –Andrea Ocampo, Sports Entertainment/Host/Actress/Model (Miami)


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