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Havana NRG! One of two headliners to close out the Latin Sol Fest at Bomb Factory to a energetic crowd!

This concert a the Dallas Bomb Factory was billed as the  “Latin Sol Fest”, an all day indoor festival catering to the lovers of Old Skool Funk with the likes of Lakeside, Evelyn Champagne King, Howard Hewitt, Tierra, SOS Band and also the hot Salsa, Merengue, Top 40 remake stylings of Havana NRG!

From the onset as guests began arriving you had two radio stations advertising to their prospective audiences, Magic 94.5FM for the Old Skool audience and Ritmo 95.5FM to the Tropical music lovers! Together this created a blend of music appreciation from both ends of the spectrum.

By the time the day had moved passed through live sets by Evelyn Champagne King, Howard Hewitt and LA/Chicano legends Tierra, the crowds were super charged and ready to hear musica Latina! Salsa, Merengue and much more so when Havana NRG! one of the two final acts for the night hit the stage the Dallas crowds jumped out of their seats and dance the full hour straight through. From the band’s current hit single remake “I Ain’t Your Momma” to “24K Magic” and “Ladies Night”, all Merengue remakes from the original hit songs to their Salsa Cubana to other selections, Havana NRG! gave the crowd what they came for. Mariela Suarez, band director of Havana NRG! stated “This was an honor and humbling to have been placed at the closing timeline as we performed right before the Old Skool closer S.O.S. Band.”

Havana NRG! wishes to thank the producers of the Latin Sol Fest, all media partners and most of all their fans. Follow Havana NRG! via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter today! For bookings and media relations contact us Creative Juice Online 214-549-1201 or rikkirincon@creativejuice.mobi. 


Rikki Rincon


Acclaimed Cuban Singer/Songwriter Danay Suárez Receives FOUR Latin Grammy Nominations Including Top-Fields Album of the Year & Best New Artist

We at Creative Juice Online are so excited for the raw Cuban talent Danay Suarez for these major nominations for the 2017 Latin Grammys! We have seen her live and were completely mesmerized by her performance and have interviewed her and gotten to know her and her deep rooted spirit. Danay is the real deal and her music reflects the true person she is. We wish to congratulate her manager Eric Vazquez and her entire team for their very hard work. I will continue to work on bringing Danay Suarez to Dallas, Texas to perform in 2018. Please read on. ~ Rikki Rincon

The Fast-Rising Cuban Songwriter and Vocalist Is A Top Revelation /New Discovery In This Year’s Latin Grammy Nominations– Recognized For Her Standout Recent Album Palabras Manuales


Danay Suárez, is a discovery well deserving of more international notice. She’s a voice of resilience and passionate self-invention…with moody, slow-building songs…[she] sings as often as delivering rhymes and often raps with melodies …[on] calls for self-reliance and musical autonomy… or life lessons: skepticism, humility, serenity. Her finale, built a six-beat Afro-Cuban rhythm and a modal melody into a compelling incantation.” –Jon Pareles, New York Times

 Singer-rapper Danay Suárez brings a calm message of strength and endurance in the face of change – Vibe

 “Cuban singer Danay Suarez was born a poet.. Suarez speaks softly, her voice weary with the weight of years of struggle to release into the world the music she’s long envisioned in her mind.. – Miami New Times

 “Danay Suarez is one of Cuba’s most underappreciated exports. In March, the vocalist and rapper released a new album, Palabras Manuales,that went criminally under-noticed. It’s a strong sophomore effort that showcases Suarez’s sophisticated style of rapping and beautiful singing voice, which intertwines itself with her evocative lyrics like a beguiling ocean spray… I’ve had the great fortune to see Suarez perform twice., and each time she mesmerized with her trance-like dancing to subtle reggae, hip-hop and Cuban beats as her voice lured the audience in. I am also fascinated by her strong artistic integrity; for Palabras Manuales, she made sure everything was exactly as she heard it in her head, even if it took years to bring it to fruition. …I’ve known from the moment I heard her sing that anything coming from Danay Suarez would be well worth the wait”- NPR

“Cuban singer Danay Suárez is a powerhouse of a musician who offers a kind of mash-up of rap and R&B, pouring out lyrics in a breathless stream of sound and thought. she stole the show” – Washington Post

 “There are a lot of assumptions one can make when learning about Danay Suarez, Cuba’s premiere rapper, and most if not all of them would be wrong. Instead of whatever ideas you might have about Cuba, female rappers, or even hip-hop itself, you are faced with laidback rhymes about humanity and the search for spiritual peace. Instead of serving a word attack, Danay is more about a soothing balm of verbal flow. Her soul-inflicted music effortlessly goes from singing to rapping and back to singing again in a manner she herself compares to jazz singers and instrumentalists” – Remezcla

 Meet The Cuban Hip-Hop Artist You Should Know…Despite challenges, Danay Suárez is taking Cuba’s music scene by storm… Suárez focuses on positive messages of self-empowerment and gender equality. Her music style, has garnered her Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu comparisons Huffington Post

Watch The Album’s Emotional & Visually Stunning First Video “Preguntas” (“Questions”) Filmed At Her Birthplace & Long Time Home In Cuba.

Watch the 2017 Havana Cultura Spotlight of Danay Suárez And Her New Album “Palabras Manuales”

About Danay Suárez

Danay’s main asset as a young singer, born in Havana in 1985, is her versatility, her ability to move from Jazz to Hip-Hop, to the island’s traditional genres without any trouble at all. At the same time, she has the ability to evoke the sweet nothings of Nina Simone and Erykah Badu in a smooth, satiny formula in which the password is elegance. Tempered under the watchful eye of Aldo Rodríguez (Los Aldeanos), she developed artistically with the help of X Alfonso, until she took her giant step with the Havana Cultura Project, prior to the release of her first album, “Polvo de la Humedad” in 2014 (Universal Music, 2014). Since then, and after going through South By Southwest, Hip-Hop al Parque, LAMC, Central Park Summer-Stage, Ted Global Rio, Afro-Latino Festival, LEAF Festival, Méditerranée Festival Ashdod and Global Cuba Fest, all between 2013 and 2016, her acclaim has done nothing but grow, especially after the release of her second album, Palabras Manuales (Universal Latin Music, 2017).

About Palabras Manuales (Manual Words)

Palabras Manuales is an album that one has to listen to several times to discover all its secrets and intentions. The creative process led to composing the music that I would want to buy from another artist. I very much enjoyed weaving words with the melody, the meaning of each lyric  the rhyme  the passages in reverse or the moments in which I sing opera Lyrics. It is a true quilt of genres, but it is obvious that it is meant to be unique rather than pretentious. Ninety Five percent of the album was recorded in the studio, detail by detail analog. Even the delays were generated with the authentic machines, tape delays and not plugins. I’m overjoyed with my guest artists. I chose them for this specific piece and it was possible with their support and their belief in the project. for the first time, Stephen Marley sings in Spanish and I rap at the speed of “El B”  from “Los Aldeanos”. I love how Spanish and Hebrew blend on the track with Idan Raichel and adore Aja Monet’s Thoughts on the Jazz track.  What is special about this album? It has the flow that is sometimes lacking in the industry when it comes to these styles, in particular when they are brought to a Latin American context. It cannot be labeled as a specific genre. It is full of metaphors that must be reflected upon with time.

For more information on Danay Suárez, please contact: John Reilly at 212.878.5076 / jreilly@rogersandcowan.com  or Sylvia Bedrosian at sbedrosian@rogersandcowan.com

William Vivanco of Havana, Cuba to release new single with Music Access, Inc.

August 8, 2017
Contact: Rikki Rincon

(Dallas, Texas) Super talented William Vivianco of Havana, Cuba will release his next, much anticipated single, titled, Bailarina, worldwide with Dallas, Texas’ own Music Access, Inc., on Friday, August 11, 2017. The new single will be available everywhere digital music is sold, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play and more.


William Vivanco (born October 6, 1975, in SantiagoCuba) is a composer and musician. Vivanco learned to play guitar by frequenting Casa de la Trova on Calle Heredia in Santiago, “stealing chords”. He busked in the streets, and also performed with a professional children’s choir. He trained his voice, learning the techniques that would enable him to develop his distinctively percussive vocal style. He also played day-long romerias and at the Festival of Singers of the Americas in Guantánamo.

Vivanco first came to Havana when he was 23 years old. The Bis Music label at the Santa Clara song festival spotted him and offered him the possibility to make his first solo album in 2002 called Lo Tengo To’ Pensa’o, a mix of Brazilian musicpop and reggae. His song and the accompanying video clip “Cimarrón” became popular. “Cimarrón” (literally, “one who lives on mountaintops”) refers to African slaves who ran away from their Spanish masters.

In 2006, Vivanco recorded his second solo album, La Isla Milagrosa, produced by Descemer Bueno and Roberto Carcassés. In recent times Vivanco has started to distance himself from his funkier, poppier tunes in favour of music that is more “Santiaguera” (from Santiago), more Cuban, more rhythmic – more traditional.

Vivanco has performed in France. In 2003 he performed at Les Transmusicales de Rennes festival, then in 2004 at the Paleo Festival de Nyon, at the Cuban night of Les Nuits de Fourvière de Lyon, and in August 2005 he played at the Vence festival Les Nuits du Sud. (Source: Wikipedia).

Rikki Rincón, President of Music Access Latino, a division of Music Access, Inc. stated “After several on and off discussions with Mr. William Vivanco since 2016 and being introduced via a industry colleague, this was always a wonderful idea that eventually came to fruition. We at Music Access, Inc. are very excited to work with the very talented singer/songwriter/producer William Vivanco. After seeing his work with some of Cuba’s best talent over the past decade or so and then getting know him as a person, we are more than convinced that beyond his talent he is a down to earth person, one we hope to grow with”. 

William Vivanco clearly states this about the new single, Bailarina inspirada en el poema de Jose Marti.:La bailarina española. Mesclada con musica arabe,española, celta quisomba y regetton”. “The song Bailarina was inspired in the poem by Jose Marti: The Spanish Bailarina. Music mixed with sounds of arabic, spanish, celtic kizomba and a little bit of reggaeton”.

William Vivanco teams up with producer Jose Angel and on violin William Roblejo, on Flamenco guitar, Reiner Mariño and mixed and mastered by Luis Duran. Photo credit to Cinthia Bapa. The new single goes on sale Friday, August 11, 2017 everywhere digital music is sold via Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Tidal, Music Access, Inc. and others. For media relations and interviews please contact Rikki Rincon at r.rincon@musicaccessinc.com or 972-686-7700 ext 14.

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William Vivanco Shares stage with US Star Melissa Etheridge in Havana, Cuba
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Finally a meet and greet with Sergio George, the Producer that changed the music industry

I have met many amazing composers, producers over my career that spans more than 30+ years but today, I had the opportunity to attend the Music Q &A panel session featuring the one and only, Sergio George.  Just to give you a brief overview of some of today’s hottest stars he has composed, produced and more, they include Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Victor Manuelle, Paulina Rubio, Christina Aguilera, Jenni Rivera, Frankie Negron, Prince Royce, Leslie Grace, Ricardo Arjona, Salsa Giants, Luis Enrique, DLG and many more!  Today he took a direct approach as to the ongoing evolution of Salsa music, and Tropical music in general stating that “The only way these genres will survive is if they keep evolving adding elements of urban music, whether it be rappers, other sounds and more”.  Mr. George has been known to take risks in music and change things up, moving away from the old classic style of Salsa many have known.  In his own words, “Salsa Music is Afro Cuban music plain and simple” and no matter how you produce Salsa you are producing Afro Cuban music.

Sergio George is a hitmaker and also states “Composers/Producers shouldn’t focus on making a radio hit per say, but to focus on original music that they love and allow the audience to take in”, this advice goes a very long way towards remaining creative and working to create the sounds of the future in order to not copy or replicate styles of today or yesterday.  It was an honor to meet Sergio George and we look forward to hearing much more hits from him.   Hispanicize 2014 has taken things up a major notch and we look forward to 2015.

(Source Bio)