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Two veteran event producers join forces for select turnkey event production

Event production, whether for 500 or 50,000 requires a proven, experienced and season team that comprises of the right planners, talent booking specialists and execution as desired by the client with the vision of a diverse, production team that has produced both General market and Latino market events successfully.

The Producers comprise two veterans of the industry, Michael Clay of Michael Clay Productions and Rikki Rincon of Creative Juice Online. Together a combined 50+ years of very successful event production from conception to completion have joined forces for select events. Both Michael Clay and Rikki Rincon uniquely have their own prospective clients but those “select” ones will bring the mindset of these two veterans where required to bring about that over the top affair you only of. From a Hollywood premiere, Grand Opening of your luxury venue to providing the team for your huge music festival, sound, staging, management, talent booking, media relations, digital marketing, social media to artificial intelligence, The Producers are your go to team for full scale, turnkey production.

A list of Who’s Who comprise the list of companies this team has worked with and for to produce some of the very best events in the market and around USA. From Dallas Love Field, City of Frisco, City of Grapevine, City of Dallas, City of Ft Worth, Family Legacy Missions, International Earth Day Texas, Hilton Anatole Hotel, Martini International, George P Johnson, Freeman Decorating Company, Hispanicize Dallas Events, City of Desoto, Gaylord Texan, Access Texas, Bittercreek Productions, John Hancock, Gaylord Texan, Andersen Windows, Medtronic Cardservice,  International Texas Commission on the Arts, Latino Fashion Week Dallas/Miami/LA, FORD, Lexus Events, Selena Quintanilla, Tejano Festivals, Salsa Festivals,
VisitDallas, Hard Rock Cafe Dallas, House of Blues and just in the VIP Opening for YardBird Dallas.

Our team has worked major concerts for Billie Eilish, George Straight, Selena, Luis Enrique, Run DMC, just to name a few, along with events at AT&T Stadium and more.  If you’re event requires the best, experienced, seasoned team that delivers over the top production for your events, festivals, galas and more contact Rikki Rincon at 469-490-9993 or rikki_rincon@yahoo.com to set up a meeting today. 

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Creative Juice Online is excited to take our representation to new levels as we continue our digtial branding and management of this future star on the rise. From singing the likes of her favorite Barbra Streisand, Nina Simone, Celine Dion to Celia Cruz, composing music, jumping on the drums, timbales, congas, we are left to wonder what else is Idania set out to conquer. In 99% of most cases I would have to travel the planet to discover such a multifaceted talented person but it all happened here in Dallas, Texas. From performing solo on piano with her beautiful voice, or duo to trio she is ready. Idania is Cuban.Soul….Cuba lives within her spirit.

Take a peek at the future of fashion from BSF's own.

Growing up in Cienfuegos, Cuba, Idania studied at the Universidad de Cienfuegos class of 2011 with her degree and specialization in piano, singing, flute and percussion. Idania has many honors and awards for her talent including the following:

• Winner of the Gran Prix Voice at the Institute of Music in 2008.
“Ganadora del Gran Prix Absoluto de canto en el 2008 Instituto de la Música”

• Best interpretation of Cuban Bolero from the authorities of popular Cuban music in Havana, Cuba 
“Mejor intérprete de Bolero Cubano. Autoridades de la música popular en La Habana “

• In 2008 Idania won her second national competition of her intepretation of “Elena Burke” Cafe Concert “El Gato Tuerto” in Havana Cuba.. 
“Segundo premio nacional de interpretación “Elena Burque”. Café Concert “El Gato Tuerto” en la Habana-Cuba.”

• In 2005 Idiania won the BEST Female Award from the music of Cubadisco Recording label in Cienfuegos, Cuba. 2005 Ganadora del Concurso La mujer en la música en el Cubadisco.
Empresa de la música de la ciudad de Cienfuegos-Cuba

• In 2015 Idania won a national award for a percussion competition “Guillermo Barreto in Memoriam” in Havana, Cuba. Centro Nacional de Música Popular en La Habana Cuba.
“2015. Premio Nacional en el concurso de percusión “Guillermo Barreto in Memoriam” en La Habana-Cuba. Centro Nacional de Música Popular en La Habana Cuba.”

We are currently in talks in building a team to take Idania’s entertainer career to new heights and to a much larger stage. To catch her live follow her on Facebook, and Instagram.  Her new website is in development. For bookings, recordings, media contact us at 469-490-9993 or rikkirincon@creativejuice.mobi.


Rikki Rincon, Management | Digital


Welcome to the new BOOK HAVANA NRG! website. We at Creative Juice Online have been booking and handling digital, social media and media relations for Havana NRG! since their very beginning. From outdoor festivals, corporate events, national conventions, weddings, quinceañeras, parades, television appearances, movies to music videos we have seen them successfully execute them all and in 100% professional delivery!

Let’s book them for your next event, festivals and more! Call 469-490-9993 today!

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