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BellaGeneration Hair System to launch 2.7 oz travel size Bella Mini bottle

BellaGeneration Hair System, a 2 in 1, vegan, all natural, chemical free, polyethnic and cruelty free hair care company announced today they are soon to launch their new 2.7 travel “BellaMinis” for women on the go, those traveling that need that special certain amount with them in their purse, their carry on etc. This new bottle will be available in all the same four levels, 1-4 and a leave in revitalizer like their regular full bottle and will be priced at only $14.99!

BellaGeneration Hair System soft launched this past Fall 2018 in Dallas, Texas via their online store and the focus of this company has been to educate consumers on their firm position on “wellness before beauty”, something that is very near and dear to CEO/Founder and creator of this original vegan formula., Miriam Marsh Sifuentes.  BellaGeneration Hair System is an industry game changer being the very first and only vegan line that has a four levels for all types of hair textures for women. From straight hair, wavy, curly to afro centric hair textures, BellaGeneration Hair System is all this in one brand. A fifth bottle is the leave in revitalizer for those requiring extra condition to leave in and go, especially those days between washing.


Ms. Marsh Sifuentes, a 3 time cancer survivor decided after many battles with cancer and the massive loss of hair to create something she could and only would she use at home for herself, never thinking of selling a product. A toxic free life was her only priority and to create a vegan, all natural product for her and after many trials and testings she landed something her close friends were wanting more and more samples of and the idea began.

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After teaming up with Digital Strategist/Media/Entertainment veteran Rikki Rincon, together BellaGeneration Hair System has reached wonderful heights of brand exposure via media, influencers, brand ambassadors, national trade shows and expos. At this very moment, the new Bella Minis travel size will be pitched to Hotels, Hospitals, Spas and Salons that are seeking a true, 100% vegan, chemical free alternative. Contact rikk@bellagenerationhairsystem.com today to learn more. Samples are available for all B2B opportunities. BellaGeneration Hair System is a brand of M Power Holdings based in the Dallas, Texas area, founded by Miriam Marsh Sifuentes. Private label opportunities are also available or all hotels, salons, spas and celebrities.  Visit www.bellagenerationhairsystem.com today.

BellaGeneration Hair System, Con Su Nueva Sede en Dallas, TX, Anuncia el Lanzamiento de una Línea de Productos Naturales y Orgánicos para todo Tipo de Cabello

Contacto para los medio de comunicación:
Rikki Rincon, VP|Partner|214-549-1201

(Dallas, Texas) 20 de Agosto de 2018- BellaGeneration Hair System, una empresa fundada y manejada por una mujer Latina y emprendedora, con su nueva sede en Dallas, se complace en anunciar el lanzamiento de su nueva línea de productos naturales, libre de crueldad a animales, orgánicos y poliétnico para el cuidado de todo tipo de cabello. La misión es que que hacer mas saludables también mejoramos la calidad del cabello.

La gran mayoría de los champús contienen sustancias químicas que perjudican la salud como sulfatos que también se encuentran en una serie de productos de limpieza populares para el hogar. Los productos BellaGeneration Hair System están completamente libres de productos químicos. Nuestros productos contienen solo cuatro ingredientes que proporcionarán cuatro niveles diversos para todos tipos de cabello, ya que cada tipo requirer un nivel de humedad diferente. También se encuentra disponible un acondicionador revitalizante que no necesita enjuague adicional para aquellos que requieren una humedad adicional diaria. En un esfuerzo por disminuir la exposición a productos químicos y potencialmente peligrosos, y después de varios episodios de cáncer, Miriam Marsh Sifuentes, Directora General de BellaGeneration Hair System, sabía que tenía que existir una manera mejor y así surgió BellaGeneration Hair System. Después de muchos años de investigación nació una fórmula con el menor número de ingredientes naturales, que no solo limpiara el cabello de una manera genuinamente sana, sino que también mejorara la calidad del cabello.

“Estamos entusiasmados, después de años de investigación, poder ofrecer una opción de cuidado del cabello verdaderamente natural y sin aditivos para hombres y mujeres de todo el mundo que buscan vivir una vida más saludable”, dijo Sifuentes. “Nuestros clientes están excepcionalmente satisfechos no solo con la limpieza de su cabello después del uso del producto, sino también mejora de la calidad la textura del cabello en general”.

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Además de crear productos para el cabello naturales y libre de crueldad a animales, BellaGeneration Hair System se compromete con la filantropía y comparte el 10% de las ganancias con la Organización sin Fines de Lucro Brighter Generation Foundation, una 501c (3) que brinda artículos básicos como alimentos, agua y ropa a niños sin hogar y / o niños que están creciendo fuera del sistema de crianza.

Con una infusión de ingredientes naturales, BellaGeneration Hair System ofrece cuidado para todo tipo de cabello: cabello lacio, ondulado, rizado y afro-texturizado. Los productos de BellaGeneration Hair System estarán disponibles en www.bellagenerationhairsystem.com.



Acerca de BellaGeneration Hair System: BellaGeneration Hair System es una línea para el cuidado del cabello natural, orgánico y libre de crueldad que ofrece cuidado capilar de alta calidad para todo tipo de cabellos, incluyendo el cabello liso, ondulado, rizado y afro-texturizado.


Dallas-based BellaGeneration Hair System Announces Launch of Natural, Cruelty-Free, Organic Line of Hair Products

Monday, August 20, 2018
Rikki Rincon, Vice-President|Partner

 (Dallas, Texas)-August 20, 2018 BellaGeneration Hair System, a Dallas-based, woman-owned business, is pleased to announce the launch of their new natural, cruelty-free, and organic, polyethnic line of hair care products for all hair types. The mission is to deliver natural hair products, cruelty-free, that are not only healthier, but actually improve the quality of hair.

The vast majority of shampoos contain chemicals that could be detrimental to health, including sulfates which are also found in a number of popular household cleaning products. BellaGeneration Hair System products are completely free of harsh chemicals, containing only 4 ingredients that will provide 4 different levels, 1-4 for the various hair types as each delivers a different level of moisture. An additional leave-in revitalizing conditioner is also available for those requiring daily extra moisture. In an effort to lessen exposure to potentially unsafe chemicals after several bouts with cancer, Miriam Marsh Sifuentes, CEO of BellaGeneration Hair System, knew there had to be a better way. BellaGeneration Hair System was born out of years of researching a formula for the smallest number of natural ingredients, that would not only clean the hair in a genuinely healthy way, but also improve the quality of the hair.

“We are excited, after years of research, to be able to provide a truly natural, additive-free hair care option to men and women around the world who are looking to live a healthier life,” said Sifuentes. “Our clients are exceptionally satisfied with not only the cleanliness of their hair after the using the product, but also with the improvement of the quality of their hair texture overall.”

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Along with creating natural, cruelty-free hair products, BellaGeneration Hair System is committed to philanthropy and shares 10% of profits to the Brighter Generation Foundation, a 501c(3) which provides basic necessities like food, water and clothing to homeless children and/or children who are aging out of the foster system. BellaGeneration Hair System has been able to help more than 200 children.

Infused with natural ingredients, BellaGeneration Hair System offers hair care for all hair types: straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair and kinky hair. Beginning August 20, 2018, BellaGeneration Hair System products will be available at www.bellagenerationhairsystem.com, Facebook and Instagram. Availability at select salons and retail outlets throughout USA and across the globe will soon follow. BellaGeneration Hair System is an M Power Holdings company.  Very soon M Power Holdings will be entertaining serious venture capitalists for BellaGeneration Hair System  and a new partnership just entered into with a very promising cosmetic company, Be Rad Cosmetics, based in Miami, Florida. You may contact info@mpowerholdings.com.



About BellaGeneration Hair System:

About BellaGeneration Hair System: BellaGeneration Hair System is a natural, organic and cruelty-free hair care line that offers top quality hair care for all hair types including straight, wavy, curly and kinky hair.