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Living La #VidaLexus in Dallas with LEXUS Presents OBRAS DE ARTE!

On Wednesday night, March 8th, what was anticipated to be a very nice event as was in 2016, turned into an overwhelming night of Living La #VidaLexus as Dallas’ movers and shakers came out but did more than attend, they showed that Dallas is one hot diverse market! For many years I have worked hard to diversify our outreach and digital brand marketing outreach efforts to create more real inclusion, not just in words.

What took place at this 2017 #VidaLexus event was not a shock to me and those attending, it was a confirmation that Dallas, too, is a beautiful melting pot of our diversity and how when executed properly, wins. Make no mistake Lexus Presents: OBRAS DE ARTE is a Latino movement but the most beautiful thing is that is exactly why others, non latinos make their appearance to not just learn about nuestra cultura, but engaged, experience our Latino artisans, visuals, musica and way of life. I am a native Dallasite and it has been a very long time, a couple of decades or more since I have experienced that much love, passion for art, music and cultura in one room, here in Dallas, Texas.

Lexus Presents: OBRAS DE ARTE has proven when vision + compassion + progressive strategies = successful event execution! I have many to thank for last night’s success, the team that are the engine of all logistical planning and tours, the agency in LA. This team of hard working women are moving mountains for Lexus and to have requested us at Creative Juice Online to return for a second year to work digital and guest outreach is an honor. Nothing happens on it’s own and I am the biggest believer of cause and effect and without those like Janice Torres of the Brand Phoenix in NY whom brought my company to work digital and outreach in 2016, this second time around would not have been possible. So, being grateful to all that fall in line of success factors is vital.

To DJ Jammin Joe now booked through Creative Juice Online, you outdid yourself at this event last night! Being a DJ is not solely about the music mix, the hype, but truly knowing what your crowd loves and executing proper programing and DJ Jammin Joe executes each and every time. To each and every guest, you made this event a complete success! Thank you for attending, engaging both at the event and online with #VidaLexus social streams. We will see you again next year for the #VIdaLexus as they have advised me that Dallas is on fire! We will be back. That’s all.



Rikki Rincon

The Latino Market: So Long to Go

Over the past 35 years and as far back as I can recall, the Latino market was progressively moving towards the numbers we see today. But, it wasn’t always that simple to realize, due to only having a few gauges to measure the growth. Sure, we have the U.S. Census, Nielsen, Arbitron and other sources of measurement and no matter the growth what I have come to not realize but actually witness, is while we as a culture grew our “piece of the pie” truly has not.

I have traveled coast to coast attending one Latino conference, convention after another and have met and mixed with the industry’s best and one common thread I have seen in just about every circle is, we are active, we are progressive thinkers but, only a few of us are leading the way with being the decision makers.  In my line of work with regards to digital brand management, social media, media relations and more what I have noticed are micro agencies attempting to either “act as if they know by retaining zero experience Latinos” or “exploiting our culture” in various ways, all this by receiving the green light on the mega budgets that our people, our hard working talented Latinos should have and rightfully so.

You can invest a million or even a billion in our market but unless you are us, you will not have the equal amount of passion and empathy we possess. Often too many times we witness Latino agencies, businesses being passed up on very large budgets while the non Latino businesses win those budgets then try to turn around, find a “designated” Latino to service a community they are pretty much clueless about. Being a Latino alone does not qualify you for what I share, but if you are equally talented and many times, over qualified and still do not receive what you deserve, then that can be a sign to move on. I once sat in a meeting back in the mid-90’s wherein someone of caucasian persuasion began to tell me “We should celebrate Cinco de Mayo” and “Diez y Seis de Septiembre” and went on to dictate to my team they had budgeted for those two months alone. Would you even believe one of the guys in their circle of newbies even suggested we highlight “National Nacho Chip Day?”, yes really.

Now moving into 2016 one would think that “mentality” has but disappeared right? Do not be shocked when I tell you it has not. Take Texas for instance, in Dallas we make up about 41-42% of the population of the city and I ask you how much is invested into our market? Drive through San Antonio, Austin, Houston and see the outreach, not so much here in this great city. From city events, to outdoor billboards, to the overall perception of the city, we feel we are not included and with the growing population progressing as it will, what happens when we are 50.1 or now the majority of this market? Will the coined phrase “Minority” be replaced with “General Market”? I brought this up recently in a circle of media and bloggers and I never experienced so much silence on this subject than any other I proposed.


We at Creative Juice Online are fed up, so much to the point we are considering launching a new online/blog and maybe high end print magazine detailing all the greatness the news, media as whole either select not to or are truly ignorant to it. Back many years ago DFW had a wonderful, well produced magazine called Valiente, owned by Mr. Jay Forte. This magazine was top of the line, not just in it’s appearance but it’s overall DNA was in the same line of that of D Magazine and others. From major fashion shows, social functions, national stories and so much more, Valiente was well ahead of it’s time. When you see Latino celebrities such as Pitbull, Sofia Vegara, Eva Longoria and others investing into many major projects, companies and more, the hope is there for us all.

I am fair, there is a great divide in this city and a lack of information from our culture to the what is now, the “General Market” and we must take blame for it as well and act responsible in ensuring our younger Latinos have an idea of this great city which will one day be there very own major market. These words I expressed are my very own and hopefully one day our very own Latino media will open this dialogue but hey, they are not Latino owned.



Rikki Rincón

From Daymond John to Premios Juventud with Oscar Gutierrez…

We at Creative Juice Online have been moving progressive with the return of our client based in Chicago as we engaged our digital brand management and marketing efforts online for the #MillerLite #TaptheFuture Dallas tour stop featuring Shark Tank’s very own Mr. Daymond John.  Another successful online effort by our team as we assembled a very diverse group of media, bloggers and influencers to cover the #TaptheFuture pre-show festivities.  We wish to both acknowledge and thank the following for their support, Natalie Tastle (Publisher, Dapper Magazine), Miriam Marsh (CEO, M Power & Associates/Blog), Karen Michelle (CEO/Founder, Front House Management/PR), Tyzza (CEO/Founder, Factory Glam Beauty/Blog), Steve Gallegos (Speaker, Author and Host of The Stevie G. Success Show), John David Carrasco (Executive Director of East Texas Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce), LaNelle Renfro Faulk (Publisher, Southern Living Magazing), Model/Actress Eva Rangel (Factory Glam Beauty/Blog), Leah Frazier (Editor, DFW Style Daily), Daniel Gomez (Detective Gomez Radio Show/Blog/Cheaters TV), Velisa Walker (Owner/Creator, V.V.S. Events & Marketing) and Phillip Morales (Editor, Mercado Bilingue Magazine). The #MillerLite #TaptheFuture Dallas tour was without a doubt a success from the quality of guests in the audience and the entrepreneurial spirit that filled the event. We cannot wait until the 2016 Tour returns!  ((CLICK TO SEE NEW GALLERY!))

The very next day (early red eye flight), we jetted to Miami to attend and cover the 2015 #PremiosJuventud Awards produced by #Univision. Our client/actor Oscar Gutierrez (Spare Parts Movie) was invited to represent the movie in the Best Movie category so we accompanied his team to work the red carpet/media interview coverage and so much more. A major success as we hit well over 15 media interviews and made final cut in the world reknown #GettyImages. Oscar Gutierrez was interviewed by CNN, La Gorda y La Flaca (Univision), Televisa Mexico, Mega TV just to name a few! Oscar is very busy as a new pillot debuts this fall with George Lopez, we don’t have much more to report until more information is provided so for now we will keep it right there!  Click here to see our newly added photos in our gallery!  #MillerLite #TaptheFuture photos taken by Steve Gallegos Photography.IMG_1028

About Creative Juice Online

Creative Juice Online is a digital brand agency providing social media progressive strategies to your brand, message or identity. Executing online amplification, marketing, branding, media relations and digital consumer outreach via creative tactics, metric engagement and high traffic visibility 7 days a week. Maximizing the reach, effectiveness of every campaign while maintaining “top of mind” to your target demo. Contact us today 214-549-1201 or rikkirincon@creativejuice.mobi. Follow @rikkirincon @creativejuiceRR

Miller Lite “Tap the Future” Dallas Tour arrives Tuesday!

2445 TTF DAL

We at Creative Juice Online are very excited to announce that once again, Mr. Daymond John of the hit TV Show “Shark Tank” will return to Dallas, Texas for the 2015 Miller Lite Tap the Future event!  From Dreamers to CEO’s is the 2015 tour headline and after what we witnessed last year, we expect another packed house at the Dallas Center for Performing Arts in Downtown Dallas.  Please view official press release below and we look forward to seeing you there this coming Tuesday, July 14, 2014!  Creative Juice Online is your local DFW source for media inquires.  All media please contact our office at 214-549-1201 or rikkirincon@creativejuice.mobi as we have information for you to meet and greet Mr. Daymond John at the official press conference, day of, prior to event.  All bloggers interested in joining please contact us as well for details as time is limited!



Miller Lite Tap the Future Semifinalists Will Pitch Live on Stage

for a Chance at $20,000 Prize

The Miller Lite Tap the Future® business plan competition is back for its third year, returning to cities across the U.S. for its Live Pitch Event tour to find the most original business ideas. Five semifinalists from Texas and the surrounding states will deliver their best pitch in front of a live audience for a chance to win big money for their small businesses. The Dallas event will take place on Tuesday, July 14 at The Dallas City Performance Hall. The entrepreneurs will be evaluated and receive feedback from some of the sharpest business minds in the country, including lead judge Daymond John from ABC’s “Shark Tank.” The semifinalist who comes out on top will receive $20,000 and advance to the national finals where they will compete for a grand prize of $200,000.

“Miller Lite was built from the entrepreneurial spirit and passion of Frederick Miller, in turn, we look to help today’s entrepreneurs stay true to themselves and keep their passions alive,” said Steve Canal, MillerCoors manager of community affairs. “Passion is at the root of what makes a business successful and the pitch is where we get to see that come through. We celebrate entrepreneurship and hope to continue serving our communities by being a resource for small business owners on their paths to success.”

“Having done my fair share of business pitching and evaluating the pitches of others, I’ve gathered a lot of expertise in this area that I always like passing along to the emerging entrepreneurs in this competition,” said Daymond John, Shark Tank investor, author and business mogul. “The Miller Lite Tap the Future program is a great learning experience for the contestants where they practice the art of pitching to an investor, networking and putting together a solid business plan. It’s also a great launching pad for the winning businesses, as the grants are given free and clear. Miller Lite takes no equity from the companies, which is a big deal for entrepreneurs. I look forward to seeing the semifinalists on the tour.”

Joining “The Shark” on the judging panel will be Sulaiman “Su” Sanni and Ben Lamson, co-owners of WeDidIt, a tech company that helps nonprofits raise money and reach new donors through web, mobile and analytics. Sanni and Lamson are also past recipients of a MillerCoors business grant. Guest judge Shelby Skrhak, director of digital content and social media at SUCCESS magazine, will also participate on the panel. The event will be hosted by Kenny Burns, senior vice president of marketing for Revolt TV, author of “The Dream is Real” and founder of the lifestyle, online magazine studio43.com.

Event Details:

Where: Dallas City Performance Hall, 2520 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201

When: July 14, 2015

  • 6:30 p.m.: Press briefing with Daymond John and other judges
  • 7:00 p.m.: Doors open to the public
  • 7:30 p.m.: Teams present pitches

The event is open to consumers 21 and older who R.S.V.P. at www.MLTapTheFuture.com. Attendees will have the opportunity to mingle and network, and three randomly selected entrepreneurs will get the chance to deliver a one-minute business pitch and receive valuable feedback from the panel of experts. The best impromptu pitch will win a $500 prize.

Creative Juice Online loves the Lincoln Black Label

Last week we were invited to attend the VIP #LincolnBlackLabel event and not knowing what to expect we were blown away, that says a whole lot.  We often attend events, reveals, celebrity filled functions and although they too are amazing, what set this event a part from the rest was every single detail from the invite, arrival at venue, which in itself was an experience in itself.  Short of test driving these beautiful Lincoln’s, we bring you up close to some of our favorites at this wonderful event!  Thank you to the team and staff at #LincolnBlackLabel for having Creative Juice Online, next time we just may drive away with one.

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