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Monster Products SUPERSTAR HOTSHOT Bluetooth Speaker Review

I just got a hold of this tiny, fits in the palm of my hand, bluetooth speaker from Monster Products and can I say wow? Well, the creative mindset of Monster Products, Inc., Mr. Noel Lee has done it once again, but am I surprised? Not one bit. Mr. Lee continues to disrupt the electronics/tech industry always remaining many steps ahead. That should be expected when A) He’s the engineer and creator of all things Monster Products, Inc., yes including those “earlier” versions of Beats by Dre, not the current ones you have.


We unpackaged this tiny stocking stuffer and paired it up with our mobile device and that took seconds and boom this little Superstar HOTSHOT began putting out just the right enough kick and full sound for our office area and check this out, you can select to hang it on a lamp, hook or drop from a string like an ornament or wear it on your belt or backpack, this Superstar HOTSHOT is super perfect to enjoy your full sound audio, the way it was meant to sound.

Do you know the full Monster Products, Inc. story? Ahhh, but you should know it. Click here and read today and start spreading the news… Oh I couldn’t end this without telling you how inexpensive the Superstar  HOTSHOT is, drum roll please…. only $49.95! Go here to buy yours today and other product from Monster Products, Inc.



         Rikki Rincon


My Recent Monster Experience!

Hold the presses everyone, stop what you’re doing, I’m about to ruin your perception on earbuds.  We just experienced the latest Monster Clairity HD In-Ear Headphones and to many you say “ear buds” but no, these are actual tiny headphones with a high definition experience and the comfort, let me just say this, they feel tailor made, soft to the touch. You ask what qualifies me, this busy blogger to highly recommend these for your holiday shopping wishlist? Well for about 30+ years I have been a touring DJ as well, mixing coast 2 coast in the hottest clubs, private events and have used many brands of headsets and have never even considered using tiny ones such as these, until now.

From my smartphone to the gym, skype/facetime meetings, directly to the DJ booth, I am taking these Monster Clarity HD In-Ear Headphones with me everywhere I go. Get yours today at www.monsterproducts.com. #iammonster.com