BellaGeneration Hair System to launch 2.7 oz travel size Bella Mini bottle

BellaGeneration Hair System, a 2 in 1, vegan, all natural, chemical free, polyethnic and cruelty free hair care company announced today they are soon to launch their new 2.7 travel “BellaMinis” for women on the go, those traveling that need that special certain amount with them in their purse, their carry on etc. This new bottle will be available in all the same four levels, 1-4 and a leave in revitalizer like their regular full bottle and will be priced at only $14.99!

BellaGeneration Hair System soft launched this past Fall 2018 in Dallas, Texas via their online store and the focus of this company has been to educate consumers on their firm position on “wellness before beauty”, something that is very near and dear to CEO/Founder and creator of this original vegan formula., Miriam Marsh Sifuentes.  BellaGeneration Hair System is an industry game changer being the very first and only vegan line that has a four levels for all types of hair textures for women. From straight hair, wavy, curly to afro centric hair textures, BellaGeneration Hair System is all this in one brand. A fifth bottle is the leave in revitalizer for those requiring extra condition to leave in and go, especially those days between washing.


Ms. Marsh Sifuentes, a 3 time cancer survivor decided after many battles with cancer and the massive loss of hair to create something she could and only would she use at home for herself, never thinking of selling a product. A toxic free life was her only priority and to create a vegan, all natural product for her and after many trials and testings she landed something her close friends were wanting more and more samples of and the idea began.

chemical free.all hair types.

After teaming up with Digital Strategist/Media/Entertainment veteran Rikki Rincon, together BellaGeneration Hair System has reached wonderful heights of brand exposure via media, influencers, brand ambassadors, national trade shows and expos. At this very moment, the new Bella Minis travel size will be pitched to Hotels, Hospitals, Spas and Salons that are seeking a true, 100% vegan, chemical free alternative. Contact today to learn more. Samples are available for all B2B opportunities. BellaGeneration Hair System is a brand of M Power Holdings based in the Dallas, Texas area, founded by Miriam Marsh Sifuentes. Private label opportunities are also available or all hotels, salons, spas and celebrities.  Visit today.


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Entrepreneurs, a community volunteer, university fundraiser make up Dallas’ 2018 Ford Mujeres Legendarias

DALLAS— The contributions and achievements of four Dallas-area women have been recognized with the Ford Mujeres Legendarias award. The women have made a difference in business, community work, education, and the environment.

The four 2018 Mujeres Legendarias will be recognized at a special celebration in 2019 for their respective contributions in the areas of business leadership, support of education in the sciences and technology, innovations for the environment and contributions to the community. The event will be presented by Ford Motor Company with The University of Texas at Arlington’s University Crossroads, the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Regional Hispanic Contractors Association.

Every year, Ford Motor Company celebrates outstanding Latina women in Houston, Dallas, Miami, New York and Los Angeles, highlighting their accomplishments in these areas. The women are selected from among the 22 million outstanding Latinas in the United States in the categories of Leadership/SMART, Innovation/Green, Community/Safe, and Quality/STEM. These are the same pillars upon which Ford designs and manufactures its vehicles.

The women being recognized as Dallas’ 2018 Ford Mujeres Legendarias are:

Wanda Granier
Mujer Legendaria: Leadership/SMART
Wanda Granier
An outstanding business and community leader, Wanda Granier has built BridgeWork Partners into one of the Dallas Business Journal’s Best Places to Work for several years. What makes her 10-year-old company stand out is that she leads the overall vision and strategy. She is committed to the mission of taking care of the clients, one partnership at a time.

Granier is more than accomplished businesswoman. She is also a passionate advocate for the business community and has taken on several roles throughout her career to enhance opportunities for minority-owned businesses. In 2017, she received Latina Entrepreneur of the Year and swell as several other awards. She has led several community and business organizations and is currently chair of VisitDallas’ Diversity and Inclusion Committee, serves as a member of the advisory board for BBVA Compass and on the board of directors for the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, which encourages girls to participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Rose Youngblood
Mujer Legendaria: Quality/STEM
Rose Youngblood
In her role as associate vice president for Development and University Initiatives at The University of Texas at Arlington, Rose Youngblood is furthering the university’s goals for STEM activities by leading the major gift fundraising strategies. Since she took charge of the fundraising team, gifts to the university have grown from $13.7 million to $16.8 million—fundraising for academic units in STEM exceed $6.5 million with another $4 million going to faculty and research.

Youngblood not only supports increasing opportunities in STEM at the university level, but also ensures young women explore these opportunities through her work in the community. She is a mentor for Year Up Dallas/Fort Worth, where she mentors a Latina student at El Centro College. She also spent a year building a marketing strategy for the business and faith communities that will increase trauma awareness and resilience in North Texas when it comes to mental health. Because film is another of her passions, she and her husband have established the Aaron and Rose Youngblood Scholarship in Film at UTA.

Gina Garcia Paredes
Mujer Legendaria: Innovation/Green
Gina Garcia_headshot
The environment and taking care of the Earth are passions Gina Garcia Paredes that fuel the achievements of her company, Paredes-Garcia & Associates, a civil engineering firm in Red Oak. Garcia Paredes has been a professional engineer for more than 18 years and has worked as a research assistant for the Texas Transportation Institute, as a city engineer and for the Texas Department of Transportation.

PGA’s office is a home office, and the employees work from home, which reduces the need for travel and keeps pollutants from the air. PGA also includes sustainable design in its projects, which often include storm water detention or retention in the form of rain gardens and landscaping elements that are native to the region and require less water. Her hope is that one day, her clients will include permeable paving in the design of parking lots or driveways.

Josefina (Josie) Avalos
Mujer Legendaria: Community/Safe
Josefina (Josie) Avalos
At 76, Josefina (Josie) Avalos shows not signs of slowing down in her work and commitment to the community. A native of Monterrey, Mexico, she married and moved to Laredo at a young age. Her family moved to Dallas in 1963, and after her husband passed away, she raised her six children on her own working in a tortillería and later in the cafeteria in what is now Lorenzo de Zavala Elementary School in West Dallas. She didn’t just serve food to students and worked as cashier in the cafeteria. Avalos made sure that students’ families applied of help when they needed. She also joined a group of neighborhood women who were trying to improve living conditions in the area by fighting blighted apartments that attracted crime and were eyesores in the community. The group grew to be known as Vecinos Unidos, and eventually fought to have 45 affordable homes built in the area for families.

Avalos retired from the school at age 62, but she did not stop working for her community. She volunteered with senior citizens at Marillac Center, and when it closed in 2012, she continued her efforts at other locations like Jaycee Zaragoza Recreation Center. She has been recognized for her volunteer efforts—she has clocked almost 600 volunteer hours—and her work in making her community a better place to live.

Hand Crafted Luxury Cigars for your next event or retail space

From Havana, Cuba to the USA, William Cañet Rodriguez is one of the most sought after Cuban Master Craftsmen. Having worked with the very best at the House of Partagas in Havana, Cuba and given the title of Master Craftsman, only a select few carry that title. With over 50+ original organic, non pestcide carrying blends, once you experience his work you will return time and time again.

In 2010, Mr. Rodriguez came from Havana, Cuba, leaving behind his own cigar factory. Mr Rodriguez is from Marianao to be exact, one of the 15 municipalities in Havana, Cuba He is considered a “master” roller in the industry and in the top 20% of all Cuban cigar rollers. He has over 20+ years of experience in the industry and has gone through rigorous training and apprenticeship programs in Cuba, including the famous Cohiba factory. He surpassed all requirements. Mr. Rodriguez is qualified to build every shape and size customary to the Cuban cigar industry, as well as, custom blends native only to his repertoire.

One could say that Mr. Rodriguez has a “PhD” in cigar building. There are about 600 master rollers in Cuba. From this group of Master roller, about a third are specifically chosen to participate in an even more elite training program. He is part of that very elite group that can build cigars completely by hand. He now brings his expertise to us so we may enjoy a unique cigar experience.

Celebrity clients are now experiencing the wonderful and original blends of Couture Cigars including Jeremy Piven, an American actor, comedian, and producer. He is known for his role as Ari Gold in the comedy series Entourage, for which he won a Golden Globe Award and three consecutive Emmy Awards. He also starred in the British period drama Mr Selfridge, which tells the story of the man who created the luxury English department store chain Selfridges, and portrayed Spence Kovak on Ellen DeGeneres‘s sitcom Ellen. (source: Wikipedia).

For your next event, private affair worldwide or to have product shipped to you (min 100 cigars per shipped order), please contact Rikki Rincon at

A list of clients include but are not limited to the following:

  • Park Place Motors
  • Jeremy Piven|Actor
  • Dapper Magazine
  • Ritz Carlton Hotels
  • The Rustic Dallas
  • Hotel ZaZa Dallas
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Ferrari Club of North Texas
  • House of Blues Dallas
  • Events in Miami, Los Angeles, Texas


Interview 12-09-18 | Posted by Wendy Lewis
Beauty In The Bag
New York

Rikki is no stranger to the media relations world, he has worked with Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Run DMC, Nia Long, Fat Joe, Chayanne, Luis Enrique, Stevie B., and many more celebrities spanning several decades. He has also been a contributing writer for Mercado Bilingue Magazine and Alegria Magazine (Los Angeles, Ca) and has worked and donated much of his time to organizations such as Entertainment Chair with both St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital Annual Gala in Dallas, Texas. He has always been aware at how common hair loss affects women, so when he was given the opportunity to join the BellaGeneration Hair System in 2017 as a Partner/VP and jumped at the chance to be able to make a difference in women’s lives.

BellaGeneration Hair System donates 10% of its net earnings to The Brighter Generation Foundation, a 501c(3) Non-Profit Foundation, it delivers supplies, tools, resources, and access to education to homeless/foster youth.

Rikki sat down with BITB and shared how the environment and excessive hair washing contribute to hair loss and how BellaGeneration is changing the way women prioritize their wellness.

1. What motivated you to create the BellaGeneration Hair System?

BellaGeneration Hair System, an original formula created by my CEO, Partner, Miriam Marsh Sifuentes, was born out of a deep-rooted desire to help women with their struggle when it comes to hair loss. When I was approached by Miriam to join her team as Vice-President, overseeing digital, marketing, media and entertainment and then offered partnership, I could not resist. Helping pave the way and change how women prioritize their wellness equally as they do their appearance was very important to me when getting on board.

It used to be that wigs and extensions were mostly worn by celebrities to enhance their appearance on the big screen. Then slowly we began to see wigs in the general population, which were worn by women struggling with cancer. Now it seems like every other woman you see on the on the street is wearing some type of wig or extension. What does that tell us? It says that women place a lot of emphasis on their image and that they definitely like the look of length and volume.

There are many factors that cause thinning hair and hair loss in women. Some examples are environmental factors such as arid or humid climates, bad styling habits such as over processing and excessive heat, as well as health issues such as cancers and hormonal imbalance. One thing for certain is that when the health of hair has been stretched to its limit whether by our own hand or because we are suffering from illness, continuing to use chemical based shampoos and conditioners will continue to deteriorate the health of your hair. This is why BellaGeneration Hair System exists, to offer a natural and healthier way to cleanse while simultaneously nourishing the hair.


2. What are you most proud of when you think about your company? What were some of your biggest learning curves or things that surprised you along the way?

I am the most proud about a few things including the overwhelming responses we get from people who try the product for the very first time. We have actually seen tears of shock, disbelief, and joy all at the same time. Woman after woman who shared with us that their hair has never felt or looked better. We love the fact that whether a woman is health conscious or not, that we have an original formula that instantly transforms their hair. The next very proud thing I am of our product is how our CEO had the vision to create a four-level hair system for all women and their various textures. We have Level 1 for straight hair, Level 2 for wavy hair, Level 3 for curly hair and Level 4 for kinky hair, this makes me so proud servicing all cultures, hair textures in one brand.

One of the biggest learning curves that we have come across is how unaware the average women are about how toxic commercial products can be. The fact that our skin is the largest organ on our body, most women don’t think about the fact that what they are washing their hair and bodies in is being absorbed to some degree. While we may not be able to totally eliminate all chemicals from the cosmetics that we use, but we can certainly reduce our exposure by choosing to use natural products whenever possible.

3. What are a few hair tricks you would recommend to other women to keep their hair feeling and looking beautiful?

One of the most common misconceptions around hair care is how often to wash it. There is such a thing as washing your hair “too much.” Most women wash their hair too often because it is what they were taught by their mothers and their mothers before them. How often a person should wash their hair is different from person to person depending on oil secretion. Some scalps secrete more oils while others don’t secrete any at all. But if you are over washing your hair the biggest telltale sign is an oilier scalp and really dry ends. This is because the person is washing their hair so much that the oils are not getting an opportunity to work their way down from the scalp to the tips. In addition, it’s causing the scalp to produce more oil to compensate for the fact that it is being washed at a quicker rate than it can get oil to the ends.

A second tip we have is that the more you use products that are natural, the more the quality of your hair will improve over time.

We at Creative Juice Online wish to thank Wendy Lewis at Beauty In The Bag for this wonderful interview and opportunity. We also wish to give a special thanks to Sandra Evans, Marketing Director for making initial contact to me via LinkedIN.

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