Mirage: Short Film Releases Online


Mirage is a magic realism tale about a girl who spends her time day dreaming and fantasizing of mystical locations in hopes to be reunited with her parents as she is held captive by U.S. border agents.

There is a serious crisis happening at our borders. I’m hoping to educate through entertainment. I feel the best way to do so is by telling a neutral story through the eyes of the ones going through these hard times, the children.

Mirage stars newcomers twin sisters Camila and Denise Cruz-Ramirez, along with Vange Tapia and Ariel Award (Mexican Academy) nominated actor Hansel Ramirez.

The film will premiere December 12th, 2019 at www.lrquintero.com/#mirage via YouTube.



December 12th is the day we honor Latin America’s spiritual mother, our Lady of Guadalupe. Since children are currently being separated from their physical mothers many of them rely heavily on their spiritual mother for strength.

Our goal in creating the short film Mirage is not to antagonize or vilify anyone. We are here to bring light to a subject that is being swept under the rug. Just because it is not being talked about in the news doesn’t mean it is still not happening. With the recent video footage of the agonizing death of sixteen year old Carlos Gregorio Hernández Vásquez it is shameful that this subject matter only makes headlines when a death takes place. He was found four hours after his tragic death. We know there is no clear cut solution at the moment however, we hope this short film will help spark the conversation that will help lead us to it.

Thank you for joining our journey. Feel free to share with anyone you’d like.

Much love,

Luis Ramón Quintero
Writer / Director

IG: @theFlanslayer

“Success isn’t measured by money or power or social rank. Success is measured by your discipline & inner peace.”

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