M Power Holdings pushes onward now with two brands, BellaGeneration Hair System and Be RAD Cosmetics

M Power Holdings, a Dallas based company led and founded by CEO, Miriam Marsh Sifutentes has successfully evolved as an active investor and manager of strategically selected companies throughout the world. From luxury brands and real estate to real to entertainment and technology they play an active role in their investments to ensure a sound return. Their extensive knowledge of business processes and management systems is the reason they are able to design and implement solutions that are made to specifically meet the mission, goals, and objectives of their clients. Their approach is described by their clients as being comprehensive, progressive, risk-driven, integrative, collaborative, coordinated, flexible, creative, and professional.

M Power Holdings has two companies in their portfolio  that they have strategically partnered with, with plans to add more top notch companies. BellaGeneration Hair System of Dallas, Texas and Be RAD Cosmetics of Miami, Florida, a company founded by and led by CEO Andrea Farah. M Power Holdings is currently in discussions with some media/broadcast/film industry companies and will soon venture in these areas of entertainment. Rikki Rincon, Vice-President of Digital|Entertainment serves areas of media, publicity, digital engagement and celebrity connectivity for M Power Holdings.
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M Power Holdings has engaged with major investors that are beginning to express interest in their growing portfolio. If you are a qualified investor and wish to speak with Miriam Marsh Sifuentes you may contact her at info@mpowerholdings.com. Visit www.mpowerholdings.com to learn more.

About Miriam Marsh Sifuentes


Miriam Marsh Sifuentes, MSM and MBA, is the Founder and President of M. Power and Associates, an international management consulting firm in Dallas, TX. She ensures that companies involved in international trade are compliant with federal anti-terrorism programs.Ms. Marsh Sifuentes has certified companies such as General Electric, Sanmina, Sanyo, Raytheon and others. She is a subject matter expert for various media outlets such as the Homeland Security edition of USA Today, CNN, and local radio shows. In early 2016 Miriam set her sights on creating a truly all natural, chemical free, 2 in 1 moisturizing shampoo for herself. As a 3-time cancer survivor, this was her personal goal, to live as holistically as possible. After many attempts at perfecting the formula Miriam arrived to what is the new BellaGeneration Hair System, a natural hair care and cruelty free company with a mission to unlock nature’s potential to deliver solutions that improve the quality of hair. What we now have is a 2-1 for all hair types around the world.

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