BellaGeneration Hair System retains top industry Publicist Curbow-Healey PR. From the Hamptons to Hollywood, the product, the brand moves forward

June 25, 2018
Rikki Rincon|214-549-1201

When this conversation first took place our team at BellaGeneration Hair System knew this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to introduce our new brand to the A-List of Hollywood. We are beyond excited to make this industry announcement today as we have retained the PowerHouse Public Relations work from industry leader G.A. Curbow-Healey of Curbow-Healey PR, from the Hamptons to Hollywood, our team and this power PR team will work to elevate the brand for placement and much more in film, television and special events to the A-List in entertainment.

The connection had already been made via other product as we also service the finest hand crafted cigars and recently had A-List Star, Jeremy Pivens enjoying them. Curbow-Healey PR clients ring like a Who’s Who list of placement including ABC’s “Black-Ish”, “Jeremy Pivens of Entourage TV/Movie fame”, “Bradley Cooper A-List Hollywood affair” to much more, so to be an addition to this growing list is wonderful.  The chances of our company retaining the likes of Curbow-Healey PR to work our product to Hollywood Jetset, Oscars, Grammy’s felt like a dream that could possibly come true one day and today we announce our signing. 

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We love her announcement this very early morning before 4:00 a.m. EST. That is how successfully she works for her clients. We celebrate in many ways today.  CEO, Miriam Marsh Sifuentes had this to say today “Retaining the powerhouse of Curbow-Healey PR is a dream that has become a reality for us at BellaGeneration Hair System, from the Hamptons, Miami, New York, Atlanta, Hollywood in Film/TV and special events, we are without words to see this develop. The message of wellness before beauty is soon to be heard by many”. 



BellaGeneration Hair System is a 2 in 1, natural, chemical free, polyethnic and cruelty free hair care company with a mission to unlock nature’s potential to deliver solutions that improve the quality of hair. We are non animal tested and have a solution for all hair types. We have four levels for all types of hair from very thin, straight hair, wavy, curly to kinky. #WhatsYourLevel #GenerationB. The new product and official website to launch soon at


Rikki Rincon

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