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Re-Elect Judge Roberto Cañas for Dallas County Criminal Court 10

With a successful track record combined with setting a standard in Dallas County for domestic violence cases, Judge Roberto Cañas in the Dallas County Criminal Court 10 is seeking your vote for re-election. 

“Judge Roberto Cañas represents the ‘gold standard’ for judges: extremely knowledgeable and publicly active on the domestic violence issue, sending a strong message of safety for victims and accountability for abusers. He is my ‘poster judge’ for how a domestic violence judge should be.”

~Candace Winslow, domestic violence advocate in the faith community

Roberto Cañas has been the Judge of County Criminal Court 10 for ten-and-a-half years. His court handles only criminal domestic violence cases.

During his first campaign, Judge Cañas promised to make County Criminal Court 10 one of the best courts in the country. He kept that promise. In 2013 and 2015, his court was named a Domestic Violence Mentor Court by the U.S. Department of Justice, one of only six in the country.  This means when other cities or counties want to start a domestic violence court they come to Dallas to learn how to do that.


“Justice, fairness and consideration are what come to mind when I practice before Judge Cañas. I have known and monitored his progression as a Dallas County prosecutor to Judge. He runs as effective a Court as I have observed in multiple counties in my 30 years of practice in Texas. We need more like him: but let us ensure that he continues as Judge of CCC 10!.”

~Ramon Rincón, Attorney at Law, Dallas, Texas

Judge Cañas promised to make victim safety and offender accountability his top priorities.

For the past two years he has spearheaded Dallas County’s efforts to develop a workable process for domestic violence offenders to surrender their guns.


Judge Cañas has also worked to institutionalize the Batterers’ Intervention and Prevention Program (BIPP).

This specialized program holds offenders accountable for past abusive behavior and teaches them the fundamentals of leading healthy, nonviolent relationships—with better results than the typically prescribed anger management classes. Judge Cañas took the time to sit through the entire 24 weeks of the program so as to know exactly what it taught.

When Judge Cañas took the bench, he promised to restore the federal grant money that his predecessor had lost.

Not only did he restore the original lost grant, but he has received additional federal grant money for a total of over $1.1 million dollars in taxpayer money coming back to Dallas County to address domestic violence.

Don’t forget EARLY VOTING starts TUESDAY, February 20th! You can vote anywhere in Dallas County. You may visit for more information.

Campaign to Re-Elect Judge Cañas
9540 Garland Rd.Suite 381 #222
Dallas, TX 75218

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