Thank You!

A simple “thank you” is often said to those you appreciate but I would much rather give a massive hug to all those that packed in our event last night at Theory Uptown for the Law Office of Ramón Rincón Christmas Fiesta! featuring Havana NRG, whom are truly in a class by themselves, not just Dallas, not just Texas but I am beginning to believe the entire USA. Not just their next level talent, that speaks for itself, but their class, tact, delivery and how the fans from ALL walks of life swarm to their events no matter where they perform. Thank you Havana NRG. I want to thank everyone for donating their hard earned money for Rudy Vasquez, whom delivered a warm and touching speech of gratitude and one of a champion, who will one day reach his goal to walk again. Muchas gracias for your donations.

To my brother Ramon Rincon, you are tops. You have hosted these parties all over Dallas for more than 35+ years and have helped many along the way, please know your help, your support for everyone is super appreciated by me and others I am sure. Together we made an impact and difference in the lives of others, not just hosting a party. Very nice words you spoke of for Rudy, Daniel Hernandez, Havana NRG and myself. Daniel, thank you for your support and kind words during your speech.

I am deeply appreciative for all those that not just attended and donated but the outpour of support for my DJ mixes. I take nothing for granted after 35+ years of mixing around the USA and love the variety. What a wonderful and diverse crowd dancing to ALL music not just one or two genres. It’s crowds such as these that keep my hope alive for Dallas.

To the owners and staff of Theory Uptown, I am truly speechless. I want to thank the following Sultan, Laura, Steven, the audio/lights team (best in market), not just in talent but proper delivery of kindness and business. From the moment we began this journey to the very end, this team at Theory is tops in Dallas.

As we head into the holiday season I want to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and look forward to a wonderful 2018.  The Law Office of Ramón Rincón can be reached at 214-922-9600 or  You can catch Havana NRG! live Friday and Saturday nights at Gloria’s Addison! For bookings call 214-549-1201.



Rikki Rincon


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