Havana NRG! Celebrates their 15 Year Anniversary at Gloria’s Addison Saturday, August 12th

August 12, 2017
Contact: Rikki Rincon

(Dallas, Texas) Many bands deserve the label “hard working”, “talented”, “committed”, etc,  but this band, Havana NRG! ads a few more words to describe what they have achieved in the wonderful city of Dallas, Texas, their home base and those are “record setting”, “amazing” and “consistent”. Havana NRG! will celebrate not just their 15 Year Anniversary, but 15 years of performing every week, both Friday and Saturday at the same venue, Gloria’s Addison! No other Dallas band has accomplished this in any genre of music so today is a very special date in Dallas music history.

In 2002 the newly formed Havana NRG! took the city and market by surprise as under their previous name they had worked to earn a wonderful reputation as the premiere Salsa/Merengue band of Dallas but something major had changed, not just the name but the attitude and goals for wanting more, much more. So the New Rhythm Generation began, thus the “NRG”. Not just Salsa and Merengue, this band was going after it all, Cubaton, Timba and in 2015 the band began producing hot remakes and remixes of popular hit songs such as “Uptown Funk”, “24K Magic”, “I Ain’t Your Momma”, “All About the Bass” and the list goes on, so their fanbase grew immensely with capturing and maintaining the Millennial audience, from one event after another while still catering to other audiences both older and younger via festivals and private events. From tours throughout USA, two recorded full length CD’s “Camino al Cielo” and “Receta Perfecta”, Havana NRG! continues to record and release new work today online for their fans.

Havana NRG! has not just set records but are working to break them by never resting, never settling for what has already been achieved, they plan to conquer much more. To arrive at this 15 Year Anniversary, the band is super appreciative of their fans, Owner/Staff at Gloria’s Addison, to the thousands upon thousands of guests both local and from around the world that have danced to them, they celebrate in your honor.

On Saturday, August 12th, Havana NRG! will have a big celebration at Glorias’s Addison during their regularly scheduled packed night and we invite the public, 21+ over to join them! Gloria’s Addison is located at 5100 Beltline Rd. just off the North Dallas Tollway. Typical Saturday nights reach up to 1,500, so we advise you plan extra early for tonight. You may purchase their music online everywhere music is sold via Music Access, Inc. For bookings and media relations contact 214-549-1201.


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