Ozomatli to invade Kessler Theater

Not only am I a huge fan of Ozomatli but on Thursday, October 13, 2016 we at Creative Juice Online will bring you up close and personal to their show via photos, digital reach and some live segments via facebook.

Ozomatli’s success is exemplified in an impressive variety of genres from classic Latin, electro-cumbia, Perez Prado mambo sounds, jazz, reggae, garage rock, North African, Middle Eastern, Indian, urban and hip-hop styles. The “Dioses del Baile,” or “Gods of Dance,” have created one of the most exciting, captivating and flat-out fun live shows touring today. They continue to harness their musical instincts by conceiving new concepts and forging new sounds that keep fans on their toes and the world dancing. (Ozomatli.com)

Get your tickets by visiting The Kessler Theater! Special shout out to my long time industry friend Jeff Liles at The Kessler Theater. Get ready for the #OZO party!img_2355

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