The Effinays CD Release Party Packs Up!

On Saturday night July 9th, 2016 Dallas’ funk groovemasters The Effinays highly anticipated CD release party took place at the Gas Monkey Dallas. This day was met with a very close call of cancellation due to the weather condition but for some reason the band felt this was their night, this night would not happen again and what took place explains it all.

Faced with inclement weather and a city coming off one of it’s worse tragedies in history of violence just 2 days before this show truly presented many obstacles and to see this venue packed up against all odds meant one thing, The Effinays fanbase is loyal and they have attracted many new ones along the way. Upon arrival to the Gas Monkey we witnessed almost 300 fans packed in the outdoor stage anticipated The Effinays. Not just your average fan base, the fans that follow The Effinays reflect the diversity that makes up the band. From Caucasian, Latino, African American, and others, from their music, their energy, positive outlook to the most important aspect of it all, how they treat their fans, this all plays a major role to the image and brand that is The Effinays. Local band Loyal Sally, whose music set entertained the crowd very well, did a wonderful job entertaining this crowd.

As the night grew, the temperature outside dropped to a beautiful 79F, wonderful breeze as The Effinays hit the stage opening up with their intro jam “Welcome to the Effin’ Show” to a sound and light show that threw everyone into an Effin’ frenzy! From that point to every song after that, The Effinays meant some serious business and they brought every element of sound that uniquely describes who they are: Funk, Reggae, Rock and Latin Alternative and they did is so seamlessly one would think these guys are ready for just about any venue, arena or tour. From what we witnessed these guys are ready for a much bigger league beyond the local Dallas scene and should these type of performances continue that dream is very much within reach. A special song that was dedicated to the Dallas Police Department in light of the recent tragedy was “Problems” by The Effinays. Once you hear this track you will see how we, as a community can come together when faced with our worse problems. A classy moment and one filled with appreciation and gratitude on behalf of the band.

The entire concert showcase included every single track from their new CD and fans love them some Effinays! You can buy your full length copy of “Yellow Blue” via Music Access, Inc. online today at iTunes, Amazon, CD Universe, Best Buy and everywhere music is sold. To book The Effinays for your next concert showcase tour, nightclub contact Music Access, Inc. at 972-686-7770 or email We wish to acknowledge and thank CW33, Mercado Bilingue Magazine, DStyle Magazine, 8K Publicity, KNON 89.3FM and the Gas Monkey Dallas for all the support. Follow The Effinays via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and

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