Los Van Van brought the house down in Dallas!

Saturday, June 18th was a date on our calendar that my wife and I anticipated for many weeks since the surreal news arrived that the world renowned Los Van Van from Havana, Cuba would actually perform in Dallas, Texas for the first time.  To most fans of this amazing orchestra this concert was more than a concert, for Cubans in general, this was finally a night of returning home to Cuba as the Bomb Factory hosted more Cubans and other nationalities in one room that proved that Dallas truly is a multinational marketplace. Cuba! Puerto Rico! Colombia! Mexico! Peru! Argentina! Bolivia! Brazil! Spain! Central American! Chile! Dominican Republic! and so many more represented this night.

This concert was my first experience with my favorite, all time group and experiencing this with my wife Giselly was a moment I will never forget as it took us back, if only for one night, to Havana, Cuba where we first met. I will carry my most special moments walking the streets in Havana holding hands and getting to know who has now become my wife for almost 10 years. This concert was more than a concert, it was the lifting of spirits for most in attendance as Los Van Van wonderful mix of Songo, Timba, Son, Guaguancó  and Salsa Cubana took everyone to places that a typical “Salsa” orchestra just cannot duplicate. This is the very core of the music and the only thing that would’ve made this evening 100% perfect is if we could have recorded it, but that also speaks it’s own story that each of us must have to tell our own story.

Los Van Van will return to Houston, Texas on Tuesday, June 21st to perform at Scouts Bar and it is very tempting to hit the road and experience them one more time! Click here to see their entire tour calendar!




Rikki Rincón, Founder/Creative Director


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