Havana NRG! pack in 7,500+ on Opening Night

When we woke up on Saturday morning the skies were grey, a few rain drops here and there and everyone that had been anticipating the opening night of the 3rd Annual Vitruvian Park Salsa Festival, produced by SalsaDallas.com and the City of Addison Dance Council, were nervous. You see this summer festival in Addison is not like any other that happens on any given weekend in area, no, this is much different. What happened on Saturday night was phenomenal as Havana NRG! packed in over 7,500 guests from all over the area and we even met a family that drove in from Houston to see them. From Timba Cubana, Salsa, Merengue, Crossover Remixes to hot Cumbia, Havana NRG! packs the power to over deliver to their diverse audience.

The City of Addison with Luis Delgadillo, CEO of SalsaDallas.com have created a very culturally rich festival that is inclusive of all Latino cultures giving them a time to present their pride, not only as Americans but Cuban American, Puerto Rican, Dominican American, Mexican American, Bolivian American, etc, etc. What many that are not Latino are many times, clueless about is along with being proud Americans, the Latino culture holds on and dearly so, their love and pride of the country of origin and in the Salsa/Tropical marketplace this happens seemlessly without a single problem whatsoever. If only the media could have been on hand to cover this event and I invite them to.

The Vitruvian Park Summer Salsa series takes place every Saturday in month of June then reconvenes in August, every Saturday until the end of the month. This is free for the public and all ages are welcome. Here you will see the dynamic, rich, multi-colors that make our Latino world so beautiful. The one commonality Latinos have at this festival is dancing, smiles, tons of energy and a moment to feel inclusive, and yes, at home. For the record this event promotes 100% via digital, no television, radio ads, pure social engagement. It’s a new day!


Havana NRG! is in the very early stages of returning to the recording studio and hope to create a hot new single by the time they return in August, so stand by as news unravels. We at Creative Juice Online pride ourselves and creating an inclusive society that not just welcomes diversity but embraces it. For bookings contact 214-549-1201 or rikkirincon@creativejuice.mobi.

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