We love our new Monster Selfie Case

It’s always a nice surprise when you receive a package in the mail and when you open a gift appears, in this case two of them. Many that read this that are not in the industry we are in may not understand but after opening this up we no longer need to carry a selfie stick with us. We can now leave that back home with this new Monster Selfie Case, the case that allows you to place or in this case, stick on a flat surface, like glass, a mirror and many other surfaces while you get in position, pose and boom, pic taken.  For those of you that ask about the difference between having this and a selfie stick, well, for one, the distance and getting a much wider shot. By now you should have, if you do not already, a nice photo taking app with a timer you can set at 5, 15 or 30 seconds giving you time to get in frame, that will truly help with this new Monster Selfie Case.

The one we received fitted our iPhone 6 and ever since my wife tested it she is loving every second of it as we tested it immediately. See a few personal shots below and get yours today at  www.monsterproducts.com official website and store. For only $29.99 this is very much worth all the freedom and fun you will experience with it. We cannot wrap this review up until we also brag about the Monster Power Card Turbo charger. This charger for our mobile devices is a life saver, especially if you are on the go like we are. Many times you forget to charge your phone, tablet or other device and having this with you immediately begins to charge saving you time and often times, saving the moment. Go online now and add these two products to your “must have” list of techie accessories. Did know also know Monster Products now has an official online magazine? Visit www.monsternationnow.com to see their latest news!




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