Creative Juice Online Live from #FordNAIAS

We are currently in Detroit, Michigan, home to #FORD and host city for the 2016 North American International Auto Show where we’ve been exclusively invited by #Ford to explore, engage with their latest lines of vehicles.  Do I have my favorite?  So hard to explain that I have selected several.  I am a #FordFamily already driving my #FordEscape Titanium and loved it so much I got my wife one.  Together we just love our Fords.

So far I am torn between the new #FordEdge and #FordFusion with a spectacular sunroof like I’ve never seen before (photos below) and the new #FordEdge.  Not quite sure which I will upgrade to this year but I am most definitely testing these two great #Ford vehicles.  I must say the forever favorite #FordMustang is one slick ride! I am having blast with my #FordNAIAS familia and look forward to more fun.  I will be back soon…


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