Voto Latino Power Summit Pop-Up in Dallas a Success!

To say it was a complete honor for Creative Juice Online to be one of several community partners for the Voto Latino Power Summit Pop-Up in Dallas titled “Hot Topics 2016-What Matters to Millennials” would be true but in all honesty, it was much more than that to us. All business aside, we feel that we have an obligation to our Latino community, both physically and digitally where in relates to activism, topics and getting the word out about the “hot topics” and the urgency to not only register to vote but to actually vote.

#VLPowerSummit in Dallas was held at the Latino Cultural Center, the perfect venue for this platform. Moderated by TV/Radio personality/fashion blogger, Ana Cruz, the list of panelists comprise by Cesar Vargas, J.D., Co-Director of Dream Action Coalition, Rebecca Acuna, Executive Director of Latino Center for Leadership Development, Sara Martinez, Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5, Place 1 and Aaron Cohen, Together this power lineup of panelists offered their experience to the audience via a question and answer format as host/moderator Ana Cruz delivered a wonderful exchange for all to experience. After the moderator/panelist exchange wrapped up topics and questions were opened to the audience as many participated touching on hot topics that are facing our community, from immigration, women’s rights, education, health and how to get involved in changing our future. At the end of the panel discussions we all had the opportunity to go one on one with each panelist and meet audience members to continue the conversation.

The Voto Latino Power Summit continues on nationally and we look forward to once again being part of the movement that is truly informing, educating and most of all, engaging our Latino community in much needed discussion. You may learn more by visiting and today.

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