Joel Parés of “Judging America” retains Creative Juice Online

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Monday, February 23, 2015-(Dallas, Texas) Creative Juice Online announces the exclusive signing of internationally recognized and published photographer, Joel Parés, a much sought after celebrity photographer/artist that is taking his work to celebrity status after his creative project titled “Judging America“, a photo series that captures the nation’s stereotypes went viral in 2014. “When people are viewed as stereotypes, they’re labeled on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. Photographer Joel Parés, a U.S. Marine from Puerto Rico, sought to highlight these prejudices in his new series, “Judging America.” He was quoted as stating, “My inspiration for this series is the fact that America is a country that is very diverse with many ethnicities that together create the United States of America,” he told photography blog Fstoppers. (Huffington Post)

After his “Judging America” was posted on his facebook account it exploded and went viral with the likes of Huffington Post USA, Vanity Fair (Italy), FStoppers, Huffington Post (Germany), Huffington Post (Korea), El Tiempo (Colombia), Virates (Japan), Catraca (Brazil), Fun X (Netherlands), Pixelistes (France), Soura Magazine (Dubai), SoHo Magazine (Mexico) and many other media outlets worldwide created a major buzz!

Joel Parés is an internationally recognized and published photographer and digital artist based in Dallas, Texas who specializes in advertising and composites. He grew up watching his father take pictures with his 35mm camera and listening to his mother tell stories of her modeling days in Puerto Rico. This combination of image and story led to the use of the narrative throughout his work. While serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, he traveled the world and discovered his passion for photography. The exposure to different cultures around the world has expanded his vision to endless storytelling possibilities. As a Marine, he learned that the smallest details matter, a principle that has helped sharpen his technical skills and creativity. (

Creative Juice Online is proud to continue the momentum of his global notoriety as we launch our digital branding/bookings/media relations/public relations/tour services effective immediately.  We are currently communicating with the media, local, national and global to set up interviews, setting up celebrity shoot pitches and speaking to the industry as Joel Parés gains his celebrity status.  All interested parties please contact Rikki Rincon, Principal/Creative Director at 214-549-1201 or  You may visit today.

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Twitter Movement on #JudgingAmerica


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