Spare Parts movie—moved me


Prior to entering the theater on a Sunday quiet evening with my wife, we knew, after reading review after review that Spare Parts would be an inspring, uplifting movie about four undocumented Mexican high school kids in Arizona and we knew they had won the final competition but this is not truly what moved us.  I could have read 100 reviews of the film and it still would not have prepared me for the vast amount of emotions that took over my heart and soul as we sat their experiencing the film in it’s totality. Every single emotion from being advised not to go after your dreams, not being good enough to not having the faith and above all, resources to pursue your dreams all played part of what moved me. From the powerful roles by George Lopez, Esai Morales, Marisa Tomei, Jamie Lee Curtis to lead role by Carlos PenaVega, Spare Parts is packed with what I hope is the future of Hollywood movies, diversity and loaded full of life provoking circumstances.

You see, I too was a young kid in school once, in fact, I was a bit younger and at the age of 12 I had an opportunity of a lifetime to audition for a major motion picture featuring British great, Michael Caine in the feature film, The Island, circa 1980.  Going against many odds and many telling me not to try, not to give it a shot, I listened to my inner voice that said “go for it” and after several auditions that took nationwide, I won the principal role in the movie.  So to this and in experiencing the Spare Parts movie, I was taken back to a time where I had to dig into my soul to find a reason not to give up and thankfully did.  Spare Parts features four very intellectual Latino high school kids whom come together to compete in a robotics competition against the top schools in the country.  After seeing the opportunity to not only compete against other high schools these kids decide to go after the top universities instead.  What takes place is rivoting and keeps you on the edge of your seat and fills you with hope and compassion for future generations of kids that just a need a little inner voice that says “I can do it”.  Check your local listings and take your children, family and friends to see this most wonderful true life story.  Much praise to Pantelion Films for bringing positive, real life stories to the national and global stage.

Rikki Rincón

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