Hello, Saludos everyone, I am…

Rikki Rincón. I own and operate Creative Juice Online, a Digital Branding company servicing many clients on their digital branding and their viral reach. Over half of the social media accounts we operate (35) as of today, are client accounts and the other half are accounts we operate 24/7 to amplify the reach for our clients.  From entertainment, technology, food to cars, we cover it all, branding, marketing, reach, blogging local, national and international (London) and (Costa Rica).  A full list of clients we service and testimonials can be found on our site.

I am also Partner with r2 Latino Group, a corporate Public Relations/Media Agency based in Dallas, Texas with our focus client, the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau (since 2006), as we serve as their Latino Agency of Record. I am the Co-Founder/Creative Director for Social Latino ‪#‎Dallas‬ and Social Latino Austin, a Latino Professional Experience movement since 2007 as I look forward to launching SL Houston and SL Miami in 2015. And as if there is still time left on my clock of life, I am DJ Rikki Rincon touring coast 2 coast now proudly represented by the Bravo Entertainment Agency in Dallas to take care of my affairs for both private events and massive tours.  Creative Juice Online was invited to be a digital strategic partner in the nations very first online, virtual Global Latino Summit, in the global company of progressive agencies, media and interactive .

I have a weekly feature in Mercado Bilingüe called Social Latino ‪#‎MixMingleMove‬ wherein I interview Latinos around the coutry, their site is www.mercadobilingue.com.  Never forget “your brand is what is left after your ad campaign ends”.  Contact us today at 214-549-1201, follow me at @rikkirincon and @creativejuiceRR.

Rikki Rincón

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