A Message to Sofia Vergara…

Dear Ms. Sofia Vergara, I want to thank you for your courage to arrive in the USA as a single mother, a beautiful Colombian/Latina accent with ambition, drive to succeed and passion.  I want to thank you for never giving up, never taking BS from anyone, the machistas, the ignorance, the cultural non-diversity you encountered in this country.  I want to thank you for not listening to the media, especially the very ones that do not wish to see a strong, fierece, feminist Latina become the center of this naton’s attention.  I want to thank you for becoming the 1st Latina ever to grace the cover of Forbes.  I want to thank you for re-investing back into the Latino entertainment industry by partnering to own Latin WE, pretty much the most powerful talent management firm based in Miami.  I highly encourage anyone to take time to see that.  I want to thank you for being the highest paid talent in Hollywood, yes, yet another problem many have.

You are powerful, intelligent, super talented and I thank you for you. To all women reading this, whether Latina or not, never, ever allow society dictate how you control your own destiny and never allow the status quo direct your desires, walk to the beat of your own drum.  #PowerLatina #PowerColombiana



Rikki Rincon, Founder/Creative Director

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