The Latino Entertainment Industry not fair to Latinos?

I read story after story about how Hollywood does not treat Latinos the way it should and although I agree, at which point are the collective multi-millioniare Latinos stars going to come together and create, invest and buy their own film companies, distribution businesses and theaters? This is why I give Pitbull a standing ovation and just in case you do not know he is the very 1st Latino entertainer in history that is investing his own dinero to own his own radio channel on Sirius XM Network to program music and direct the business where he thinks it should flow. Not to mention Sofia Vegara (Latin WE), Jennifer Lopez (Nuyorican Productions), Gloria and Emilio Estefan (Crescent Moon), Robert Rodriguez (El Rey Network) and the list continues of power movers investing into the mainstream, not just “Latino Networks”, but the future of the general marketplace.

You see, they not shouting it, they are doing something about it. Pitbull also invested into SLAM Charter Middle/High School in Miami to allow 800 inner city kids a chance at a free education and makes visits to school to encourage them to succeed. We are the largest and fastest growing segment of the USA but if there is no investment, power with vote ,we are just a statistic. You have to change your complaints into action and open the path for others, not just yourself.  You can follow @rikkirincon @creativejuiceRR and read his weekly #MixMingleMove feature in Mercado Bilingue. Creative Juice Online is also a digital brand strategic partner to the country’s first Global Latino Summit.

Rikki Rincón

Rikki Rincón

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