“Going Further With Ford” experience

Creative Juice Online wraps up one of the most intriguing and engaging tours this past week of the FORD Plant in Dearborn, Michigan. From our departure out of DFW to the moment we landed in Detroit, the #FordTrends experience was top notch. We expected nothing less than the red carpet treatment given to us as the Ford team ensured one super engaging tour of all things Ford. We met other media and bloggers from around the nation as we shared our Ford stories waiting in anticpation of the reveal, site tours and the very exciting test drives of the 2015 vehicles on the massive 1.5 mile racetrack!

The sessions were very informative, engaging via twitter questions (we love!) with special guests from MasterCard, UPS and others. The launch event invited special TED talks from Fashion Icon, Kennth Cole, a story he revealed of his earlier days as a start up fashion business and creatively carving out his brand to the world. Learning to truly think and live outside the box when innovating your product was a key learning experience for us as well.

From Ford’s committment to the public at large and especially to the #FordEspanol Latino community is second to none. From the national level to the local, Ford is truly committed to not just inviting our culture, they literally embrace us, welcoming with open arms. Seeing the present and especially the future of #FordTrends from a technological point of view, the future is super bright for Ford owners and those interested in making the switch to becoming a Ford family such as we are. Not so much hype as a true, friendly, Ford overall experience, our extended family.

We look forward to future reveals and sneek-a-peeks to #FordTrends, gracias!

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