Miller Lite #TapTheFuture #LivePitch with Daymond John a hit in Dallas!


Creative Jucie Online, a digital brand partner for the Miller Lite  and Daymond John #TapTheFuture #LivePitch event which took place Tuesday evening at the Dallas City Performance Hall attracted entrepreneurs from not only the region but as far as Colorado, South Texas and the Midwest, as one after another did their #livepitch to a panel of judges.  The special guest celebrity judge for the evening was none other than Daymond John from ABC’s Shark Tank.

Pitch after pitch from a wide variety of industries including technology, media, digital locker visionaries, nightlcub marketing to bunkbed displays all laid their ideas on the line in hopes to receive the chance to move on to the next level.  Very creative ideas to super comical all presented to the panel of judges as the near full capacity audience cheered, appaluded and sometimes laughed to the funny ideas of some conducting their live pitch.  We truly enjoyed the experience and look forward to the next one.  For more information on the tour please visit  We would like to thank Flowers Communications Group for bringing Creative Juice Online on board as their digital brand partner for this most exciting event in Dallas, Texas.

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