Creative Juice Online-Rikki Rincon, Digital Brander/Blogger takes #FordTx #EcoBoostChallege

Today we were invited to digitally brand, cover and take the #FordTx #EcoBoostChallenge on one of the most beautiful days of the year in Arlington, Texas outside the AT&T Stadium. The cool, sunny day made for the perfect setting as the drive test was on.  The most interesting part of the #EcoBoostChallenge was not soley the wonderful #FordTx vehicles but the fact that this challenge included vehicles from their competing companies as well, thus giving us a real challenge to see what we honestly felf were the best driven vehicles.  Well, first up was the Honda CRV vs. #FordTx #EscapeTitanium, both wonderful cars, but we loved the #EscapeTatanium and felt like we wanted to just keep driving.  Finally we took the #Hybrid test drive between their competitor Prius versus the #FordTx C-Max and both being nice test drives but overall we loved fthe #FordTx C-Max as it has up to 40% more horepower and took off so much more faster and handled better, not to mention all the features and we felt it was much user friendl from start to finish of test drive. 

We wish to thank everyone at #FordTx for giving us this exciting opportunity to take the #EcoBoostChallenge and look forward to many more in the future.


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