SANTANA releases new hot “Corazón” Deluxe CD! with Top Stars!

Upon learning of the latest SANTANA CD titled, “Corazón” (heart), we read the listing of guest artists on the forthcoming CD and got super excited.  Well, after receiving our copy and listening to each track, we are overwhelmed with the genius that has made Carlos Santana the mega producer, visionary he is.  Appearing on this hot new “Corazón” Deluxe CD are Pitbull, Gloria Estefan, Juanes, Romeo Santos, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Lila Downs, Ziggy Marley, Samuel Rosa, Miguel and others.  We highly recommend you going to iTunes today and purchasing your very own!  Our favorite tracks? Easy…the remix updated, latin urban laced project with Pitbull titled “OYE 2014”, the hot project with Gloria Estefan titled “Besos de Lejos” and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs “Mal Bicho”, we’ll allow you to imagine how hot these are!

Rikki Rincon √


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