Finally a meet and greet with Sergio George, the Producer that changed the music industry

I have met many amazing composers, producers over my career that spans more than 30+ years but today, I had the opportunity to attend the Music Q &A panel session featuring the one and only, Sergio George.  Just to give you a brief overview of some of today’s hottest stars he has composed, produced and more, they include Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Victor Manuelle, Paulina Rubio, Christina Aguilera, Jenni Rivera, Frankie Negron, Prince Royce, Leslie Grace, Ricardo Arjona, Salsa Giants, Luis Enrique, DLG and many more!  Today he took a direct approach as to the ongoing evolution of Salsa music, and Tropical music in general stating that “The only way these genres will survive is if they keep evolving adding elements of urban music, whether it be rappers, other sounds and more”.  Mr. George has been known to take risks in music and change things up, moving away from the old classic style of Salsa many have known.  In his own words, “Salsa Music is Afro Cuban music plain and simple” and no matter how you produce Salsa you are producing Afro Cuban music.

Sergio George is a hitmaker and also states “Composers/Producers shouldn’t focus on making a radio hit per say, but to focus on original music that they love and allow the audience to take in”, this advice goes a very long way towards remaining creative and working to create the sounds of the future in order to not copy or replicate styles of today or yesterday.  It was an honor to meet Sergio George and we look forward to hearing much more hits from him.   Hispanicize 2014 has taken things up a major notch and we look forward to 2015.

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