Educating yourself with the power of Digital Branding


In today’s fast paced and ever changing world in our digital universe it is vital for small to medium business owners to invest time in learning the power of social media and digital branding and how if differs entirely to advertising and the traditional forms of getting the buzz out there to your targeted consumers.  To many above the age of 40, social media is for “younger generations”, “since I hardly ever use it, why should I market there?”  These are two most common statements and major mistakes being made by business owners today!  Another mistake is the idea of “When are the people walking in the door after I start marketing?”

The channels we are using today to “brand” your company and service via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest etc have enable us to keep your business or product “top of mind” with your consumer base and others that otherwise may have never heard of you before.  To “brand” your business or product takes time, much time and patience of consistency, not just an advertising schedule. The ROI takes place over time, time that wise business owners invest in so after much frequency, high engagement via social media and adding traditional advertising and more online, together bring about results.  Here at Creative Juice Online, we are a digital branding agency that work for you 7 days, 7 nights a week to keep your consumers informed, updated with relevant material to raise the metrics, and have them engaged with your business.  The time invested into what we do is priceless as it would equate to having an employee on your staff working 60-90 hours per week to keep up, yeah, we understand.  It is either your business or your competitor, what direction will you take?

Contact us today at 214-549-1201 or send us an email so we can set up a Skype conference.  We are coast to coast and global.  No office, no one location. Our address is Online.Always.


Rikki Rincon

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