Thank you for a great 2013…


As we wind down 2013 I wish to thank each and every client that passed through our digital doors, virtual movement and exciting growth. We are always evolving as new clients are soon to join our family and 2014 promises to take things to new levels as we dig even deeper to provide more than our very best, creating new boxes to live outside of and never settling for anything less than the best for our clients. In 2014 we will focus even more on providing the necessary tools and platforms to place our clients on and to go beyond our own expectations. We are very blessed and thankful for the continued success of Social Latino both in Dallas and Austin and we will march into 2014 with more fun, excited and great connection opportunities! We cannot do this alone so to those that have helped us in some form or another we thank you and to all those we’ve met along the way both locally and nationally, I personally thank you for your sound advice and positive critiques.

Personally, I am very grateful and blessed to enter another wonderful year with my lovely and very supportive wife, Giselly Cobas Rincon and she makes a run to the finish line to complete her bachelors degree, we are preparing to take other steps of change in our lives. We thank our families and friends both near and far away that have supported us all these years. Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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