Flowers by Conde Re-Opens for your business in Oak Cliff

Here at Creative Juice Online, we are very fortunate to have worked with so many great clients from entertainment, technology, fashion, legal, retail and more and to give back a little we decided to take on pro-bono services to help Flowers by Conde. Flowers by Conde is a family owned boutique flower shop, founded and operated by Mary Jane Conde, serving Dallas and Oak Cliff for more than 45 years. Located in the heart of Oak Cliff they welcome your continued business. After a massive fire destroyed this establishment, Mary Jane Conde refuses to give up and opened once again.

Flowers by Conde is very important to the heart and soul of Dallas, Oak Cliff and business owners throughout.  This kind 77 year old business owner has endured so much and still returned to re-build and opens daily to operate it. When thinking of ordering flowers or just simply stopping by to say hello, let’s give Mrs. Conde our business. Gracias!  Flowers by Conde is located at 407 Madison St. at intersection of Centre St. and their number is 214-941-8058.


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