Creative Juice Online retained by Bella Modeling School

Hello friends and industry, we are proud to announce today that we have been retained by the newly formed and launched Bella Modeling School based in Dallas, Texas!  Founder/CEO, Estela Trevizo’s vision and strategy is designed to help build confidence and empower young women in the modeling industry and in everyday life.  She and her team are passionate about creating a positive environment for their students to grow and learn the skills to pursue modeling.

Ms. Trevizo currently models in the region and around the country, having been selected and featured in Latino Fashion Week Dallas showcase in 2012, won the 2011 Miss Latina Texas Latina Pageant and is currently singed with the Callidus Agency for runway/print and other modeling.  We are excited to have been retained by this great team and see their vision at work.  Anyone interested in more information or enrolling can contact Estela Trevizo at or 214-315-2839.

Founder/CEO Estela Trevizo



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