HISPANICIZE 2013–Progressive Latinos/Progressive Growth

ImageUpon returning from Hispanicize 2013 in Miami I am still reviewing my experience like a movie.  In 2010, Manny Ruiz and wife Angela Sustaita-Ruiz ascended upon Dallas, Texas to launch their very first #Hispz10 and it was there, in my home city, that I would introduce myself to this great duo.  From panel sessions, to breakout sessions, to after party, I knew then Hispanicize was well on it’s way to become a great EVENT, not just your average conference.  Having met national contacts from Goya Foods, Univision, Telemundo and a wealth of bloggers, advertising and marketing pros I did not even know existed until Hispanicize happened.  Following this movie took me to Hollywood in 2011 where I immediately jumped in with extreme support and passion for the emerging market, all I said was, how can I help?  I immediately booked my registration, travel and offered to dj mix the official after party at the famous Conga Room at LA Live.  From global press coverage to creating the best connections, once again Hispanicize proved to be one success story after another.  2012 was held in Miami and things heated up in this Mecca for the Latino entertainment industry making way for the permanent home of Hispanicize in Miami Beach for 2013.

From Emilio Estefan, Rita Moreno, Charo, Carlos Ponce, Edward James Olmos, Lou Diamond Phillps, Gina Rodriguez, Giselle Blondet, Beto Perez (Zumba Founder), Nely Galan and so many others, Hispanicize not only open the doors for thousands of Latino progressives in the interactive, film, music, bloggersphere and social media industries, but it has opened the doors and minds of wall street for major opportunities to market to the fastest segment in the U.S. This information just in from hashtracking.com, #Hispz13 in a 5 DAY EVENT delivered this–> 6,575 Contributors, 29,385 Tweets, 20.33 million Reach and 195.29 million Timeline Deliveries from 4/9–4/14.  I ask you, how can your brand afford to not participate in this annual EVENT?

Latest social media research states Latinos in the USA lead the pack at 72% engagement, with African-Americans trailing at 68%, who are ahead of Caucasians at 65%.”—>(Source: Pew Research Center).  This coupled with the fact that 61% of mobile users that surf the web are also Latino in the USA.  These numbers will have a major impact on how companies prioritize the mobile market.  When speaking of the “General Market”, to whom are you referring?

Rikki Rincon

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